The One With He Jiang – Dual Hot Pot Goodness

I think I have a slight addiction to the hot pot at He Jiang. When I saw this deal on Groupon, I just couldn’t resist. It was a hotpot set for four, plus a bottle of Spanish wine, all for some $500+.

Quite a steal, right? And knowing He Jiang, I knew the deal will be limited, so I went ahead and bought the Groupon without even thinking about who will go with me.

It was a decision I don’t regret.

He Jiang

The dual hot pot of Chengdu hot & spicy pot and fish pot with Chinese herbs sets the tone for the night. There were rich and aromatic, which gets us going all night long.

He Jiang

And oh, the hotpot ingredients! There are US beef, kurobuta pork, lamb slices, fish slices, luncheon meat, konjac jelly, meat balls with mushrooms, beef tripe, shrimps, iced tofu, potato slices and Chinese lettuce.

He Jiang

All these sound rather basic but that’s the beauty of hotpot in He Jiang. Instead of fancy and gimmicky food, they go for the basic but of really high quality. I have yet to be disappointed with my hotpot outings here.

He Jiang

The condiment station. Not as elaborate as the one at Golden Valley, but they do the job nicely.

He Jiang

But of course we have to order additional food! All in all, a very pleasurable dinner. Highly recommended.

EAT | Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong, 387-397 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong | T : (852) 3167 7833

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