The One With Amporn – Still The Best Thai Food In Kowloon City

It has been quite sometime since I last wrote about my delicious Thai meal at Amporn at Kowloon City. Though I continue to venture out to town for Thai food, in my books nothing can beat this down-to-earth, rather authentic Thai food located at the top floor of Kowloon City wet market. I was there again one evening for dinner and am pleased to report that the food is still good as well. Without going into too much details, here are some of the stuff you must try.

Amporn Thai Food

Red prawn sashimi remains my firm favourite, with its unique combination of raw succulent shrimp meat and golden, crunchy tail fried to perfection. The chili sauce is still as fiery as ever.

Amporn Thai Food

Papaya salad with salty fish was meant to be spicy, but either this wasn’t so or my tolerance for spicy food has increased. The combination of sour papaya thinly sliced, crushed peanut and the occasional salty fist bits made for an appetising start to the meal.

Amporn Thai Food

Who can say no to this golden, crispy omelette with minced beef? I can’t imagine the number of eggs that went into this. Based on my recent disastrous experience at home cooking Spanish omelette, I could only guess that those who are watching their cholesterol should stay clear. But oh those crispy, fragrant egg dipped into the accompanying belacan sauce is quite something to remember by!

Amporn Thai Food

The only slight disappointment for the day was the steamed mullet fish, which was generous in size but lack in freshness. But even so it was still better than the version I tried at Chung Sing at Tai Mei Tuk.

All in all, still my favourite Thai place in Hong Kong. Go early at meal times as the place can get crowded very quickly at peak hours.

EAT: Amporn Thai Food | Shop 9, 3/F Kowloon City Market, 100 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City | Tel: +852 2716 3689 | 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight

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