The One With Prima Taste Singapore Laksa – A Taste of (My Second) Home

So recently a good friend of mine passed me a pack of five Prima Taste Singapore Laksa delivered all the way from Singapore. I first heard about this instant noodle brand during my last trip back to Singapore, and since then I have developed quite a liking to it. However the same instant noodle sold in Hong Kong was ridiculously expensive, to the tune of HK$27-HK$30 per pack. So to say I was deliriously happy with this unexpected surprise from my friend would have been quite an understatement.

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One weekend afternoon I decided to have that for lunch and shared that on Instagram and Facebook. But my friends were quick to point out that what I did was not a true Singapore laksa.

Singapore laksa for lunch! #lifeisgood

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Which got me thinking – what does a true Singapore laksa made of? So I asked a couple of my foodie friends on what get them drooling over a bowl of that fiery broth:

Winnie Chung (of SCMP’s Style Magazine): “The taste of the fresh coconut milk with real rempah (spices) and the soup-soaked fried bean curd. You should try the white curry instant noodles.” (Yup Winnie, I love that instant noodle and that’s the reason behind this post!)

Goz (of PlusSixFive): “I reckon the perfect bowl of laksa should have the right balance between milky and prawny. I like mine really really prawny and chickeny and a bit on the rich creamy side. I like big big ass prawn! And it has to have a large dollop of sambal at the side. I also like it with a hard boiled egg but not many places have that – I guess it’s a childhood thing for me. My school canteen used to serve it with egg. And it should also have beansprouts – to give that light crunch. And a good sprinkle of laksa leaves definitely for the aroma. Oh and of course taupok (bean curd) to soak up all that goodness.” (So Goz you like yours with everything in it, don’t you?)

Peter Chang (of Diary of a Growing Boy): “Not sure I am qualified to comment, but I love the laksa leaf and tofu puff. Not a fan of cockles. Laksa leaf is essential. My current fav laksa is Violet Oon’s dry laksa. For me it is to die for.” (OMG Peter, that dry laksa looks real good; a must-have the next time I am in Singapore!)

So the next time I am going to cook Prima Taste Laksa Lamian, I would need to get big ass prawns, chicken, hard boiled egg, beansprouts, fried bean curd and laksa leafs. For step-by-step experience of cooking this awesome instant noodle, check out The Ramen Rater.

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa

This is surely a taste from home.

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