The One With Linguini Fini – New Trends At New Location

So Linguini Fini is back in town, relocated to Elgin Street in Soho, where Nico’s Spuntino used to be, and before that, Fat Angelo’s. Wow, now come to think of it, that spot is sure popular for Italian restaurants. I wonder why?

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Anyway, I disgressed. Chef Vinny Lauria – one of the earliest advocates of western-style nose-to-tail dining in Hong Kong – is back with a splash with Linguini Fini, creating some new trends with the opening of their new location.

#1 – Linguini Fini’s own tomato and herb garden at the back of the restaurant. Perhaps this is quite common but I often found it fascinating with restaurants in the middle of town. Diners will have a sweeping view from the street through the kitchen to the backyard herb garden, with the restaurant’s open kitchen design.

#2 – A new trend will be applied to Linguini Fini by its (related) supplier, Homegrown Food – minimise all wastage, including food and packaging. Now that’s something I definitely approve of. There will be no plastic received from suppliers, and all waste will be recycled or composted. There will also be on-site composting for fresh food waste that will be used to fertilise the herb and tomato garden at the back of the restaurant.

#3 – A first to me – Linguni Fini will operate a wine honor system. Honor-system wine bars are wine bars which operate on the honor system, allowing their patrons to decide how much they owe, and pay accordingly. This is definitely a first to me and I would really love to see how this pan out.

I had always loved Linguini for their homemade pasta, and was a little gutted when I found out they are no longer at L-Place. It’s time to pay them a visit at the new location.

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