The One With Glasshouse Hong Kong – Western x Asian Fusion

And so one afternoon I found myself at Glasshouse, a sparkling restaurant located on IFC Hong Kong rooftop with a stunning harbor view and a terrace. The location is great during those sunny, winter lunchtime like the day I was there for a work meeting.

The design of the Glasshouse Hong Kong takes its inspiration from potting sheds in old country houses; a room filled with wheel barrows, rakes and terracotta pots. Though Glasshouse tries to be laid back, it certainly exudes an upscale vibe.


The menu – a fusion of Asian cuisines with a Western touch (and some vice versa) – looks really promising. Even before my lunch guests arrived I have already made up my mind on what to order. If the food taste as good as it looks in the menu, I am in a for a treat.

Oh, what a naive assumption that was.

Glasshouse Hong Kong - Korean beef style steak sandwich b

The Korean beef style steak sandwich was disappointing. The bun is a dry, without that level of moisture nor the crispiness that could have turned this simple dish around. The steak could be more tender. The combination was just below average for me.

Glasshouse Hong Kong - Pandan Leaves & Coconut

I really like the look of Pandan Leaves & Coconut, but arrived at my table was so different than pictured. Instead of a tall glass of milky sweet goodness (diet be damned) I was served with 1/3 of the drink, in a short fat glass. You know, like those whiskey glasses, only rounded? I dare not say for sure but I think the drink was priced the same anyhow.

Glasshouse Hong Kong - Candy crush of ice cream, Oreo cookies, m&m's, rice crispy served in a stone bowl for two people (4)

Dessert was one novelty item – Candy Crush. Just as its (game) name suggested, you “crush” a combination of sweets, Oreo cookies, M&M’s, rice crispies, ice creams and fruits to your taste, to be shared between two person. To be honest this was more gimmicky than a real treat.


Glasshouse is indeed a beautiful place, certainly great lunch spot. I would return for its location but would hesitate to do so for food. Am I too quick to judge?

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