The One With Andreas Sourdas – Chef of Santorini Hong Kong

Visiting Santorini Hong Kong is like stepping into a Greek heaven. The staff speak to you in a slightly Greek-accented English. The ambiance is heavy with Greece-influence – from the pastel-coloured wall to the soothing Hellenic background music. It is certainly a captivating experience, especially so if you have been to Greece and experienced the magic of it’s beautiful island.

It was also at Santorini Hong Kong when I tasted probably the best moussaka in my life, even better than those I have tried in the country itself! Since that visit I have caught up with the head chef Andreas Sourdas for his view on Greek food, on doing business in Hong Kong and his favourite dishes.

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For people new to Greek cuisine – how would you describe the difference between Greek food to other European cuisine?

The Greek cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, dating back some 4,000 years. It’s the base of the Mediterranean cuisine rich in extra virgin olive oil, sun-drenched fresh produce, seafood from the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea and a bit lighter on red meat. Simplicity separates it from other cuisines. BBQ is our main way of cooking, adding at the end extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice served with lightly boiled vegetables.

If someone come to Santorini Hong Kong restaurant for the first time and only have time for ONE dish, what would you recommend?

Undoubtedly the Greek salad, which clearly represents the Mediterranean cuisine. A perfect marriage of Greek flavors, ripped tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers green peppers, onions, olives from kalamata, oregano from Mount Olympus, feta cheese, made with sheeps and goats milk and naturally plenty of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Simply perfect!! (Check out their full menu here)

Your restaurant has that great Santorini feel. Who did the design and consultation?

We put as much as we could from our ideas and feelings that we brought from Santorini but most of the designing and consultation was done by Giorge Bulios, a profound interior designer from Greece working in Hong Kong.

What attracted you to Hong Kong? Was it difficult to set up a restaurant here?

It was our childhood friend and now partner Mr Stamatis, long time resident of Hong Kong who put it all together. It took him a while to convince us to come, but when I visited Hong Kong in Feb 2013 it was obvious to me that this is a great opportunity for me to introduce and represent our cuisine to this dynamic city. Naturally there have been issues, but nothing too difficult as Hong Kong is very organized and business friendly.

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What was your fondest memories of Santorini, food or otherwise?
Bright blue skies, crystal clear waters, sunny days, amazing food flavors, unique wines and the warm hospitality of the Hellenic people.

WATCH: The story behind Santorini Restaurant Hong Kong

EAT: Santorini Hong Kong | G/F 51 Elgin street Soho Central | | 2810 6106

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