The One With A Bulging Waistline


Today I finally bit the bullet.

I couldn’t hide from the fact anymore. Getting ready for the day every morning has turned from delight to dread. In the space of mere months (nine, in fact), I have ballooned by two inches on the waistline, one shirt size larger and unmitigated shame on the weighing scale.

Sucking in my tummy has been a daily grit, hour on the hour. Friends after friends expressed concern on my transformation. I am blessed, the excuse went. Prosperous and happy, so they were told.

But it remains deep inside I am not happy.

So I decided to do something drastic about it. I bought an entire new wardrobe, one size larger, and modified all my pants and suits. As a cruel act of reminder of the man I have become, I deliberately went for the most uncreative and boring set of clothes that is totally not my style. While I will be comfortable in my own clothes – I took some much needed little joy from that – it will also be a daily reminder that work needs to be done. Plenty of them, to get back to where I was.

I have learned that it takes a different set of courage to admit your own shortcomings. I reckon it will take a whole different of determination to reverse what has been done.

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