The One With W Hotel “Sweet / Spiral” Afternoon T Buffet – Leisurely Tea With Class

I had never regretted going back to W Hotel, time and time again.

There’s just some kind of magic going on between the hotel and I. I loved the funky, impressive deco and their pun-tastic tagline they have for almost everything. So when there was an opportunity to try their afternoon tea buffet on a weekend, I jumped at the chance.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

The brainchild of W’s new culinary director Chef Alain Allaire, the buffet was like summer on a table – as it was. More than twenty different savoury and sweet items were available, displayed inviting in a riot of red, orange and yellow.

As with any buffet, there were bounds to be some hits and misses, and sure enough I preferred some of the selections much more than the others. The goat cheese puff with sundried tomato, pistachio and peach got my vote for it’s rich, contrasting flavours in such a tiny package.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

I love foie gra but I never had it with a piece of fruit before. The mini sesame madeleine with foie gra and pineapple can be quite an acquired taste. This madeleine on a stick is easy to pop in the mouth, but I reckon a larger portion would make the eating experience prolonged, allowing the creamy and rich taste of the foei gras to mix with the fruit’s for a very different flavour.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

Yet another savoury item on a stick which got me going back for seconds was watermelon lollipop with goat feta cheese and pistachio. A great choice for summer, there’s just something about the combination of feta cheese and watermelon that makes the humid, hot summer much more bearable. I must have popped at least four of these darling.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

One set of the traditional scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam was available per dining patrons, so it was served to the table as and when you are ready. I loved the buttery taste of scones, but this one was a bit light-handed in that department. The texture is still dense yet fluffy – the way it should be – but the lack of buttery depth was a bit disconcerting. Though I must say if you are going after health conscious scones, this would do perfectly. I made do with a healthy slathering of cream and jam.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

The sweet items were plentiful too, but by the time I got to them, I was rather filled to the brim. But that didn’t stop me from getting several helpings of the passion fruit lollipop. The crunchy external gives way to some sweet, sticky filling inside. It was pop-tastic and a great way to end a leisurely, long tea.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

As always, I was very impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of W staffs. The ambiance was one of chill and relaxed, making you just want to sink into its sofa. A DJ was spinning some lounge music all afternoon long, so safe to say you’ll never want to leave.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

The plates used for the buffet were black, small and dainty, ensuring that you’ll have to get back to the buffet times many, many times, so be prepared to spend a long afternoon there. Two sessions available during the weekend – 2p.m. to 4 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Price is HK$248 per person. You can stick to the tea (Dilmah, over ten selections available) and coffee, or you can top up your experience with a glass of champagne at HK$348. If weekend doesn’t work for you, you can also opt for the tea-set variety – complete with a 3-tiered set – during weekday for HK$348 for two.

The buffet ends August 31, but no fret. If you can’t make it for this T buffet, their next one will be perfume-inspired. In partnership with Balmain, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin and Montblanc, tea time with be paired with four scented cocktails. This playful tribute to the senses will take place at Woobar in September, so stay tuned!

P.S.: This was an invited tasting session.

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