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The One With W Hotel “Sweet / Spiral” Afternoon T Buffet – Leisurely Tea With Class

I had never regretted going back to W Hotel, time and time again.

There’s just some kind of magic going on between the hotel and I. I loved the funky, impressive deco and their pun-tastic tagline they have for almost everything. So when there was an opportunity to try their afternoon tea buffet on a weekend, I jumped at the chance.

W Hotel WOOBAR’s "SWEET / SPIRAL" Afternoon T Buffet

The brainchild of W’s new culinary director Chef Alain Allaire, the buffet was like summer on a table – as it was. More than twenty different savoury and sweet items were available, displayed inviting in a riot of red, orange and yellow.

As with any buffet, there were bounds to be some hits and misses, and sure enough I preferred some of the selections much more than the others. The goat cheese puff with sundried tomato, pistachio and peach got my vote for it’s rich, contrasting flavours in such a tiny package.

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The One With Butchers Club Deli – Meat Sweat-ed & Lovin’ It

I was perspiring rather heavily, partly because of the weather, partly because there was so much meat involved, I had to stand up and walk about in the middle of the meal.

The Butchers Club Deli

The scene was at The Butchers Club Deli, the latest addition to The Butchers Club located at a nondescript industrial building along Wong Chuk Hang road. Sharing the same space as ED1TUS (Hong Kong’s first luxury fashion and lifestyle showroom for men), the restaurant is a New York-style deli by day, and a private dining room by night. A huge 7,000 square foot garden with BBQ facilities and some 500 seats will be opened later this year.

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The One With Ho Lee Fook – Holy F*cking Good

I wrote the title of this post in case you missed the homonym of the cheeky name for a certain expletive, like I did. I honestly thought Ho Lee Fook was one of those trendy restaurants in Soho with a penchant for Asian names. Literally translated as “good fortune in the mouth”, Ho Lee Fook is third restaurant of Taiwan-born chef Jowett Yu. To give the restaurant its playful vibe, Yu collaborated with Douglas Young of G.O.D to come up with the many touches of off-beat Asian funkiness, including its name sake.

It was weekday night when a group of us #hkfoodbloggers descended into the basement of this Soho shop for a night of good food and great companionship. We literally ordered the entire menu, so I am in the position to tell you that, like most popular opinions, the food at Ho Lee Fook was as good as it looks despite all the cheeky sounding names.

Ho Lee Fook

Perhaps one of the key things you should know about Chef Yu is his obsession with sauces. We requested for a platter of these and he happily obliged. From extreme right, going clockwise – lemongrass chili paste, fresh chili, pickled chili, roasted black almond chili, chili sambal, salted chili, chili oil, and XO sauce at the center. I sampled each one and loved the zesty lemongrass chili paste the best. Gimme a huge bowl of rice with that.

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