The One With Old Bazaar Kitchen – Timeless Oldie Favourites

There is good food, and then then there is really good food.

I can’t remember the last time I gushed this much over a meal. It was completely unexpected and a gem of a find really. Upon some research, I discovered that Old Bazaar Kitchen has a long history with a prior location in Tin Hau that shuttered its door in 2012, only to re-emerged in Wanchai. The waitstaff was unfailingly polite and extreme helpful, and the boss, Angel Cheung was quick to help us with the menu. Since there were only two of us, we decided to go for three dishes. And lucky we did, for the portion is nothing short of enormous.

Old Bazaar Kitchen

Cold squid – I greeted this dish with an unmanly gasp. The squid was easily the length of my arm! Skillfully cut and plated, this simple squid was fresh, crunchy and succulent. I though I had good squid but this blew everything else before out of the water. Served with a choice of either wasabi or chilli sauce, I reckon this gorgeous baby serves at least four.

Old Bazaar Kitchen

Mutton ribs with spring onions – I am sure this is not the name of the dish but for the love of God I couldn’t remember why I fail to take a photo of the menu. Served with a mountain of chopped spring onions that wasn’t just for garnishing, the mutton ribs were tender and aromatic, with each chew just a slight pull from its bone. It went perfectly with the sauce and a bit of that spring onions. Just don’t go kissing anyone after devouring this.

Old Bazaar Kitchen

Yellow curry with fish fillets – There was a choice of yellow or white curry, and I was told the white curry was simply the un-spicy version catering to the local palette. Of course we went for the yellow version, half expecting it to be the usual yellow Japanese curry (you know, those you cook from its powdered form). The actual thing was as close to authentic Malaysian curry as it can get, with a level of fiery spiciness that could be a challenge to some. But what was most surprising about this was its fillets of fish – deep fried to golden perfection and remained crispy despite being in the pot for some time.

The place was rowdy with old timers and long time clients. I was told that Old Bazaar Kitchen accepts no reservation, so you’ll need to walk in early and try your luck. There is also a long wine list if you like a tipple to go with your dinner.

Verdict? Simply the best meal I had so far this year, and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my fussiest friends to.

Old Bazaar Kitchen
G/F, 207 Wanchai Road
Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2893 3998
Mobile: +852 9484 8269 (Angel Cheung)

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