The One With Rock Bar Bali – Watching Sunset In Style

When I first mentioned that I was interested in going to Bali, it seems that a visit to the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort is a must. Almost everyone I have spoken to was waxing lyrical about the amazing sunset from the bar, located right at the cliff with a rather sheer drop into the ocean. It sounded dramatic in a way that I liked, so I put it down onto my itinerary for my Bali-day trip and made a point to visit.

And I did.


My First Bali-day

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrived at Ayana Resort and Spa was how luxurious everything is. I was staying at some sub-standard place at South Kuta, so the difference was acutely felt. Walking to the bar took us through the resort, and after the third posh restaurant with glamourous fountains, the sheen of awesomeness started to wear off and everything seems to be a little over-the-top. It didn’t feel exclusive, just over-subscribed.

My First Bali-day

And then there was the queue to the bar.

My First Bali-day

Guests of the hotel and patrons of its restaurants get to jump the queue, so the common peasants (read: tourists) like me had to queue. At first I thought the bar was overpacked (it was hardly five in the afternoon) and we had to wait for a table. Turned out the queue was for a slow-moving, small cable car ferrying a maximum of eight person up and down the cliff.

Point to note: There’s a dresscode. No singlet, tank tops or flip flops. Smart casual is the word, so dress up before you hit the bar.

After toying with some giant umbrellas from the resort (it was raining quite a bit), we were told we can reach the bar by walking through the garden and taking the stairs.

Which we did, and walking through a small ornate door gateway brought us into Rock Bar.


It wasn’t hard to see why people might like this place. Rock Bar gives out a cool vibe, with its dark chairs and sofas lining up the cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean.

My First Bali-day

My First Bali-day

My First Bali-day


We ordered two rounds of drinks. The menu was sufficient and creative, with names like “The Rock Stars”. Each drink will set you back by some 165K rupiah, so be prepared to pay for the view.

My First Bali-day

I would really recommend my first drink of choice, the Blood Diamond – a dramatic concoction of dark rum, beetroot, orange and cranberry juice, complete with swirling dry ice effect. If you are at the bar to look and be looked at (apart from the gorgeous sunset), this is the drink to be.

My First Bali-day


We also ordered some savoury bites and munchies to get us going (somehow, there seems to be no limit to my appetite while I am on holiday). The usual suspects for finger food such as fries, chicken wings and fried calamari were beautifully plated and tasted pretty good. For that price, it was pretty well matched.

My First Bali-day


What I really liked at Rock Bar was its service. I know it’s a tourist place so it’s hardly surprising that the wait staff spoke pretty good English. But after a day of trying to be understood for simple requests, like booking a massage, it felt great to be able to speak English freely.

My First Bali-day

The wait staff were friendly, attentive and always around to lend a hand – be it umbrellas if it drizzled too heavily, second helping of their cold towels when it’s just too humid, or to snap endless shots of you and your friends at the cliff for online bragging rights.

Top marks, I’ll say.


Probably overrated for its sunset (you get that pretty much the same elsewhere in Bali) but an experience at Rock Bar wouldn’t be too much out of place on a standard Bali itinerary. Worth a visit if you like fancy cocktails.

My First Bali-day

Rock Bar Bali – Ayana Resort and Spa
Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran
Bali, Indonesia – 80364
Phone: +62 361 702222

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