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Despite the fact that I have been living in Happy Valley for two years now, which is just a few tram stops ride away to Causeway Bay, it’s embarrassing how little I know of the two neighbourhoods. I mean Happy Valley and Causeway Bay. I mean, I do do know them, but only of a few routine spots and regular places, and I am certainly far from being an expert. For really in-depth resources on Causeway Bay, you can (of course) try the Causeway Bay entry onWikipedia, or the new-ish hyperlocal site dedicated to Causeway Bay.

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So when my friends come a-visiting to Hong Kong, more often than not they will ask me the big three questions:
1) Where to eat good food?
2) Where to get cheap and good hotel?
3) Any interesting place to shop?

I seem to spend half my life replying to those emails, so I thought once and for all I put my answers down into a blog post, for those of you whom are coming to Hong Kong and intend to stay within bustling Causeway Bay.

Good Food in Causeway Bay

Wong Kee Restaurant @ Causeway Bay

Food options are aplenty in Causeway Bay, ranging for hidden gem for delicious Cantonese fare inside a hotel, to elaborate and well thought-out Japanese usuyaki beef meal. If you fancy something really local, right down to the rickety chair and roadside dirt and grime, I would recommend Wong Kee Restaurant. The more adventurous one can go to Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter – the experience getting to the right place is already quite a journey, but to eat such fresh seafood on a rocking boat while admiring the skyline of Hong Kong is really something you can’t just read about.

Sometimes, when my mind was just blank for options and my search on food blog lists turned out empty, I will take the easy way out and peruse of AMEX dining privileges. The offers keep changing and I can never keep track of them, but I am sure to find some good 1-for-1 (or almost as good) offers from restaurants around Causeway Bay!

Cheap and Good Hotel

Snaps of Causeway Bay

(Photo by Agnes Leung)

You know what they say: if you are looking for something that is cheap (less than HK$800 a night), good (at least 4-5 stars rating) and convenient/fast (to be located in CWB is a big draw in itself), you are setting yourself for a big disappointment. Let’s face it – space is a premium in Hong Kong, and hotel rooms are really tiny in comparison to wherever you are coming from. But here are some of the places my friends have stayed at before in Causeway Bay and have little to complain about: Emperor Hotel Happy Valley (perhaps I am a little biased here since this hotel is right across from my current place), Regal Hotel (best booked if you have a corporate rate) and J Plus Boutique Hotel (as reviewed and experienced by the ever stylish JJ).

Actually, my best advice is for you to hunt online for the best bargain on Causeway Bay Hotels. For the more budget-concious ones, Airbnb should be your destination for searching.

Places to Shop in Causeway Bay

20070807 Jennie x HK Day 1 (Jennie cam)

(Photo by dreistreifen)

Oh, do you have to ask? Causeway Bay is a paradise for the die-hard shopaholics this side of Hong Kong. From luxury brand timepieces to dirt cheap Hello-Kitty-inspire phone cases, you can get them here. Be prepared to trawl the often congested streets (not by car, but people, people everywhere) of Causeway Bay to really appreciate the scale of shopping offered by Causeway Bay. Start at Times Square, rumble your way through Russell Street, take a detour for some snacks at Tang Lung Street, then meander up to Soho, before exploring the little shops and stalls scattered around Victoria Park.

Or, if you are anything like me, you should stay clear from the madness of Causeway Bay unless it is absolutely necessary for you to venture out into the thronging masses of people, usually comprises of Filipino maids on their day offs (on weekends) and loud, often-annoying mainlanders (on most days).

There you have it, a simple, quick and hopefully useful guide to Causeway Bay, probably the busiest part of Hong Kong Island. Join the crowd, be mad and come out slightly contended, slightly hysterical.

6 Thoughts on “The One With Causeway Bay – The Heartbeat of Hong Kong

  1. Candace on 2 August, 2013 at 4:53 pm said:

    Hi Razlan! This is amazing. Also, thanks for mentioning ! :) Your blog is always a joy to read! :)

  2. Thanks Candance, I am glad you enjoy my blog!

  3. are there any dim sum or char chaan teng in causeway bay? 3rd visit to HK and in previous times, I’ve been mostly at mong kok / tsim sha tsui area.

  4. Hmmmm, to be honest I have not found any good place to have good char chan teng nor dim sum in Causeway Bay area. Maybe it’s just me, but probably you get better stuff in Central, or even in Kowloon area where you stayed at before. Check out this post by the lovely Tom on his adventure up and down the MTR line –

  5. I’ve been a longtime reader of your compulsively readable blog (and live in CWB). You have forgotten to include Indonesian maids on their day offs during the weekend. I can barely move for the crush.

  6. Oh yes Em, that’s one of the reasons I avoid CWB, Wan Chai and Central as much as possible over the weekends. Not that I have anything against maids on their day-offs, but I crave for peace on MY day-offs.

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