The One With Clay Oven – Gigantic Lamb Tandoori

It was one of those dishes which have got to be seen to be believed in.

The lamb tandoori is a signature dish at The Clay Oven. It’s an Indian family-style roast whole lamb leg, a good dish for winter. A whopping 5-6 pounds of chilled lamb from New Zealand (good for a group of 5-6 person) were marinated with various ingredients and Indian spices in its chopped part – instead of whole lamb – so that the flavour really soak into the meat.

The lamb was tend cooked in their famous tandoori oven, making it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. We opted for 50% cooked, the result of which was some tender meat, served theatrically on a sizzling platter. Though I would love my lamb to be even juicy, the accompanying curry sauce helped to make this one unforgettable dish.

Of course, while I was at The Clay Oven, I have to order their masala papadam – a crispy serving of fragrant papadamn with chopped onions, basils and tomatoes sprinkled on top. It was a simple dish which scratched the spot every time.

Clay Oven Indian Restaurant
Shop A, G/F, 27-31 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 28726900, 94203094

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