The One With Brunch Club Hong Kong – Surprising Second Encounter

They always say that your perception on a restaurant – or anything, for that matter – is often shaped by your first experience. As Brunch Club Causeway Bay (one of the two in Hong Kong) was located just a stone throw away from my office, it was my frequent haunt for a quick bite and coffee meetings. My encounter with its unenthusiastic staff and mediocre food has always just that – lackluster at best.

Which was why my second encounter – a proper full on lunch on a busy Saturday afternoon – was a huge surprise. Surprised not only because we were seated at a large table with cushy sofa, but also because the food was unexpectedly good. I know this kind of thing can be relative, but it wouldn’t be far fetched if I said I might have jumped the gun here in judging its food.

Brunch Club Causeway Bay

Our Greek salad with feta cheese brought back memories of me trawling up and down the cliffs of Santorini, enjoying the wintry sunshine while befriending the local stray dogs and work donkeys. The generous portion of salad provided that refreshing crunch one might look for in their greens, and the ample amount of feta cheese and just-right dressing made this dish as Mediterranean as it could get. I don’t always recommend salads but readers, you gotta get some of this.

Brunch Club Causeway Bay

His choice – a traditional spaghetti carbonara, complete with a runny yolk on top. I love it when they included egg with my carbonara. The cream cheese wasn’t too heavy, and with that touch garlic it was well balanced. Spaghetti was cooked al dente style. The bacon could have been crispier though.

Brunch Club Causeway Bay

My choice – shrimp pesto pasta. Before this dish arrives at the table, I could already smell the pesto. It was the most fragrant pasta I ever had, and together with those crunchy fresh shrimp, the combination was one that drew envious glances from the tables around us. If you have to go for heavy pasta and make sure it’s worth your calorie quota, this would be it.

Brunch Club Causeway Bay

For dessert, we went for the Belgian waffles. The delicious butteriness of the waffle, combined with the sweet bananas with caramel sauce, made this the perfect food to end our rather heavy lunch.

Verdict? Perhaps the food will be much, much better if you visit during peak hour, as I did. Better chef, better wait staff, greater food.

Brunch Club Hong Kong
13 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 2890 2125

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