The One With Amporn – Fiery Thai Food In Kowloon City

If you ask a local where to get great Thai food in Hong Kong, inevitably they will recommend that you take the road less traveled to Kowloon City, where a great number of Thai eateries line up its streets. After living here for some four years (wow, time flies!) I had to say that I agree. But to find a gem amongst the many somewhat mediocre Thai restaurants require steadfast determination and more than a dose of luck.

It was with both that one day I found myself at the third floor of a wet market digging into mounds of great food at Amporn Thai food.

I have been to Amporn two times now, and I have tried enough dishes on its menu to know what is good enough to be on your list of must-trys, and what is to be avoided at all cost.

Amporn Thai Food

MUST TRY – deep fried cat fish with sour mango salad. The deep fried cat fish is a work of genius. It was crispy without being overly oily, and went perfectly well with the sweet and sour mango salad. The contrast of texture made this a very refreshing dish, enough to tempt one for a second (or third, or fourth) helpings despite being filled to the brim.

Amporn Thai Food

MUST TRY – raw prawns sashimi. The body of the prawn were refreshingly crunchy and chilled, while the prawn heads were fried to golden perfect yet juicy. This is the only place where one can find raw prawns served this way. The chilli sauce was fiery and not for the faint-hearted. Worth mentioning as well are the slices of chilled bitter gourd. You would think that would taste weird – it was, but in a very good, delicious way.

Amporn Thai Food

MUST TRY – Lettuce-wrapped minced meat. A staple Thai dish and Amporn did this to spade. I have tried the pork and beef version; I would recommend the latter for a stronger meat taste. The minced meat came with slices of bird eye chilli (or cili padi in Malay) so beware of its fiery awesomeness.

Amporn Thai Food

AVOID – Phad thai. I don’t know about you but I never had my phad thai noodle fried with tomato sauce. The prawns were somehow less fresh than the raw prawns (on second thoughts, they have very good reason to be different!) and the crunched peanuts were added almost like an afterthought. A dish that was a total disappointment compared to others.

Amporn Thai Food

AVOID – Thai-style seafood hot pot. We ordered the small version, and there was nothing hot pot about it. The seafood combi was some miserable looking mussels and prawns, and the tomato-base broth did nothing to justify this to be anything Thai. We scoped up the seafood but left everything else behind.

Amporn Thai Food took up five out of the eight stalls available at the food centre of the wet market. It was staff entirely by Thais, and during the late afternoons when we dropped by on both occasions, the combination of Thai music and the chattering staff made us felt like we were in the land of a thousand smile.

If your Asia Miles is lacking, come to Amporn and let yourself be transported to Thailand.

Amporn Thai Food
Shop 9, 3/F Kowloon City Market
100 Nga Tsin Wai Road
Kowloon City
Tel: +852 2716 3689

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