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So Far, Seoul Good Day 1 – Hotel ShinShin, Myeong Dong & Nanta Cookin’ Show

The Seoul I remember wasn’t this cold.

What I did remember, though, was the long, meandering journey from the airport into town. This time round I have wised up and took the airport express. Being “express” is relative; it still took us close to an hour to reach the humongous Seoul station.

So Far, Seoul Good Day 1

And then it was another adventure finding our way to the City Hall station. I had my first dunkin’ donut (side note about this creation of awesomeness: did you know they have it almost at every corner of Seoul? It’s like 7-11, only far more delicious). I was happily devouring my choice while waiting for the better half to return from the toilet… to be entertained with his tale of being peeped at the urinals.

Less than one day in, and we already have our first pervert attack!

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