The One With Senryo Japanese Restaurant – Borderline Dangerous (When You Are Very, Very Hungry)

I finally discovered the secrets on how Japanese restaurants can grow like mushrooms all over Hong Kong and yet still make tonnes of money.

Simply implement a ticketing system and illogical, inefficient use of space in the restaurants. By 8.30 p.m. at night, you will be guaranteed a hordes of hungry and impatient diners waiting outside, ready to eat up a horse.

That’s how I found myself tonight at Senryo at Hysan Place. It was close to nine p.m. before we were finally seated at the bar. I immediately ordered myself some hot sake and we settled in with some really tasty, gorgeous food… without looking at the price tags.

Senryo Japanese Restaurant

I have been eyeing this snail (shellfish?) hungrily while waiting outside Senryo, and immediately got myself a portion while waiting for my sake. Slices of fresh snails with fragrant shitake mushroom were the perfect combi to go with their coarsely grinded wasabi. Thumbs up!

Senryo Japanese Restaurant

This plate of sliced Bonito was going round and round the conveyor plate, and I was too curious with how it might taste like. Didn’t rock my word, and a bit too fishy for my taste to be honest. The ginger on top should have been clue, and I could have done with slightly thinner pieces.

Senryo Japanese Restaurant

Part of the gorgeous-looking sushi we devoured for the night. I left the selection to the other half as he knows better than I do when it comes to Japanese food, and it was all good.

Senryo Japanese Restaurant

Perfectly executed soft shell crab handroll. I appreciated that the seaweed was crispy to the bite, otherwise you might end up with the entire roll spill all over your hand. The crab was lightly fried to golden perfection. And with that piece of avocado to give a twist in texture, this was as good as it can get.

Senryo Japanese Restaurant

These deep fried oysters were juicy and perfect… if you don’t dip it with the sour sauce. Perhaps it was my personal preference, but without the sauce and lemon wedge my piece of oyster were deliciously creamy on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside.

The damage? Over $800 for a dinner for two. On hindsight perhaps it wasn’t that bad a price – afterall we did have some really good food, but it was kinda unexpected for a weekday night, don’t you think?

Then again, our subsequent detour for some gelato at Holly Brown was unexpected too. Oh well…

Senryo Japanese Restaurant
Shop 1304-1305, 13/F Hysan Place
500 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 3543 1128

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