The One With Han Kook Gwan – Affordable Korean In Wanchai

Had it not been for my colleagues, I would have never found the place.

Han Gook Kwan is one of those restaurant tucked away in a little back alley that few venture in. Only those in the knows would brave those steep slope, past some dodgy looking stalls looking for the popular Korean restaurant famous for its affordable lunch set and and hence packed with office crowd every day of the week.

With set lunches ranging from HK$68 – HK$98, these deals are hard to beat. Especially when you start off your meals with those little plates of Korean appetisers. You get eight different variety regardless of the size of your group.

There were two of us that afternoon.

Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant

I didn’t want to eat too much, but then again didn’t want my colleague to miss out. So I quickly recommended what seems to be the more popular dish of Han Gook Kwan – a bowl spicy, sour kimchi soup with seafood and beancurd. The broth is always appetising though the seafood portion was a tad too small, even for a lady. Perhaps more mussels, please?

Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant

I went for the more sensible Korean chicken ginseng soup. I remember the one I had in Seoul and wanted a repeat performance. But alas I was far from being impressed. The soup was a bland and wasn’t “herbal” enough, and the chicken meat was rather dry. Despite being served in a big pot, there was more soup than substance.

Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant

We also order a kimchi pancake to be shared between the two of us. Though this was reasonably well execute, we were riddle with endless “could have been”s. Could have been crispier, could have been thicker, could have been less sour (the sauce)… ended up we couldn’t finish everything, but the ever efficient service but an authentic Korean wait crew brought an empty box to our table with a big smile.

Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant

Korean hospitality is something I remembered from my last trip to Seoul, and I am glad to be making a return trip there soon. But meanwhile, I would be better off NOT to compare my experience at Han Gook Kwan with the real thing.

Han Kook Gwan
Shop LG., 232 Wan Chai Road
Wan Chai
Tel:+852 2561 1063

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