The One With Blue Butcher – Butchered? We Did

I remember reading reviews on Blue Butcher since they have opened some time back. The praises were glowing, and the crowd was reportedly thickening by the day. In fact, when I called to reserve a table of three, I was told in no uncertain term about the time I have to give up my table. Surely it was a good sign of a great place, right?

Alas, the fame of Blue Butcher was all but in its reviews.

Perhaps on hindsight we should have ordered beef instead. Afterall, the place is famous for its steak, what with its walk-in pink salt dry-aging room, tucked into one corner which seems more like a display than a utility.

Blue Butcher

The three of us went separately for pork (kurobuta pig belly & cheek), fish (line caught sea bass) and chicken (charred french chicken). I didn’t try the pig belly, but it did look promising despite this blurry shot:

Blue Butcher

I took a bite of the sea bass and agreed with my disappointed friend that the fish is way too salty. And the portion – all half of it – seems a little underwhelming even for her small appetite, I offered slices of my chicken. I don’t know anything about chicken being “French”, but I am sure it does not mean undercooked meat. It was charred on the outside alright, but it was the inner “red meat” that threw me off.

Blue Butcher

We also ordered some “small plate to share”, and in some ways Blue Butcher redeemed itself, food wise. The Spanish ham and egg with asparagus were pretty good, and so was the truffle fries (you can’t go much wrong with truffle).

Blue Butcher

What Blue Butcher failed to deliver in food, they compensate with a gorgeous, gorgeous setting of a restaurant. With dark wood furniture, high ceiling and full length window, the restaurant has an understated elegance that seemed very inviting to the casual diner. The table that was assigned to me – a proper one, I was told – was equipped with high-backed, velvet chair which I absolutely adored.

Blue Butcher

But if I am going to pay that much for a dinner – some $600 per head for that night – I would expect some rather excellent nosh. But alas, my dreams were butchered. Some reviews must have been overrated and misleading.

Or perhaps I should really just suck it up and dish up double the amount for a proper steak.

Blue Butcher – Bar & Restaurant
108 Hollywood Road,
Central District,Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2613-9286

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