The One With Jiang Shan Hui – A Fiery Meal It Was Not

My discovery on Groupon continues at Jiang Shan Hui which offers a mix of Shanghainese and Sichuan cuisine. When I saw what’s on offer – drunken chicken by award winning chef – I was intrigued. I walked by the past often enough during my Sheung Wan days, but never thought of “popping up”. If you are like me who can’t read Chinese, you always live in the fear that this will be that restaurant where the waitresses will mock you for being an illiterate Chinese and derisively laugh off my request for an English menu. Though I am happy to report this unlikely incident seldom happens, and it certainly did not at Jiang Shan Hui.

Because it was a set Groupon menu. Hah.

Jiang Shan Hui Chinese Cuisine

Platter of appertiser.

The starters for the night were rather uninspiring. I was looking forward to a steaming bowl of hot and spicy soup; what eventually transpired was a tepid serving of gooey starch. The platter of appetiser – shredded chicken in crystal flower sheet in sesame sauce, pork jelly in Zhejiang style, cucumber – fared better. I particularly enjoyed the crystal flower sheet. Very slurpy and fragrant with the sesame sauce (which I almost mistaken for peanut sauce, LOL). The xiao long bao was just alright, nothing to shout about.

Jiang Shan Hui Chinese Cuisine

Xiao long bao.

The mains, on the other hand, were much better. The fish filets are succulent juicy, the portion just right for two persons. The hot chili-broth was aromatic though not as spicy as one might expect. I could really do with more fire in this one.

Jiang Shan Hui Chinese Cuisine

Fish fillets in hot chili-broth.

The braised pork balls in soy sauce was definitely the star of the night. The better half thought it tasted of caramel and toffee, and I don’t disagree. That’s why I found the pork balls – rather large, can be easily divided into four scoops – very irresistible. I would imagine the gravy goes very well with rice, but I was on my carbless diet again so didn’t get to find out.

Jiang Shan Hui Chinese Cuisine

Braised pork balls in soy sauce.

Dessert was a surprising twist – souffle egg white with red bean paste. The souffle was light yet rich in egg white flavour. It could do with a sweeter, more generous helping of red bean paste. The whole ensemble tasted like plain souffle.

Jiang Shan Hui Chinese Cuisine

Souffle egg white with red bean paste.

Verdict? Well, how do I know this Sichuan food is not hot enough? My toilet didn’t get to see the post-dinner action it deserves.

Jiang Shan Hui Chinese Cuisine
2/F Yat Chow Building
262 Des Voeux Road
Central, Hong Kong
2880 9618

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