The One With Caffè HABITŪ The Table – Perfect Dessert Galore

Where G.O.D once stood in Causeway Bay has now been replaced by the incredibly tacky and unbelievably bright Sasa Supreme. I don’t know about you, but I am about to have enough of new shops catering to mainlanders replacing iconic Hong Kong establishments.

Probably the only saving grace was that the gem hidden inside the building on the first floor, Caffè HABITŪ The Table remains in tact.

caffè HABITŪ the table

The entire restaurant was refurbished; now The Table spots some low lighting, chic-looking furniture and the same friendly service. Gone was its hip interior to match the GOD’s brand; luckily the new vibe wasn’t as tacky as the endless counters of cosmetic threatening to overwhelm you right outside its door.

There's always time for bread pudding

Food wise: I have been to The Table quite a couple of times now. Mostly for its incredible dessert; I could certainly recommend its rum raisin bread pudding with warm custard sauce, as well as mixed berry pavlova. Both were incredibly rich yet too delicious to leave any last bit behind, so you would be well-advised NOT to attempt this right after dinner. In fact, make this your dinner and you will be done with your dinner calorie quota for the day, I am sure.

caffè HABITŪ the table

I have also been eyeing its food menu and finally got the chance to try out some main dish tonight. The crispy pork Milanese was exactly that – a generous portion of pork with a thin layer of bread crumbs, served with rocket leaves and some surprisingly nice roasted tomato sauce. The pork chop was rather ordinary, and it was the sauce which made us lap up every last piece. Pity the sauce portion wasn’t as generous.

caffè HABITŪ the table

The tartufo pizza was rich with wild mushroom and black truffle, served on a thin crust. At first glance I thought I would be overwhelmed with too much truffle (is there such a thing as too much for truffle?) but surprisingly we also polished up everything. That “heavy”-looking pizza can be quite deceiving.

Probably because The Table was still in its soft opening stage so the restaurant wasn’t full even for a Friday night, but I don’t expect that bit of joy would last very long. So come and enjoy its relatively peaceful ambiance without hordes of mainland shoppers storming up the place… which I could almost guarantee will happen, sooner or later.

Oh dear, I think I have developed a prejudice.

Caffè HABITŪ The Table
Leighton Centre
L1, 2/F, Leighton Centre
77 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 3579 4050

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