The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – A World of Difference

Three months after my trip to Bangkok, I am finally done with my blog posts. I am fully aware this is becoming too common on this blog but like people say, it’s better late than never, eh?

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 1

Though I have been to Bangkok a couple of times in the past few years, this trip was majorly different in a few ways. For some reasons better left unsaid, I get to try way more variety of food and new restaurants and roadside snacks this time round. Bangkok, to me, is synonymous to great food and it was only befitting that I glutton out as much as possible.

(Note to self: Yes, I am also fully aware that almost every holiday destinations are synonymous to food to me nowadays. Ah, the life of a traveling foodie!)

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 4

Apart from the usual routines one must do at the Land of Thousand Smiles, like praying at Erawan Shrine, getting pampered at Banyan Tree or shopping at Chatuchak, I also took the road less traveled and immersed myself in a lot culture and arts. Thailand is evolving fast, shedding not its past as a destination for food and massage and nightlife, but also adding on a rich layer of class, culture and sophistication.

Little wonder that Thailand was the top travel destination in the world in 2012.

So without much further ado, here’s the full list of my Brilliantly Bangkok blog posts for your leisurely weekend read (or intense pre-Bangkok trip research):
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This cover post for the Brilliantly Bangkok series would not be complete without a mention of The Travel Mate (TTM), Ted Lau.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 1

Avid travelers will agree with me – not everyone can take a holiday together. A joint holiday – especially when there are only two of you – will often make or break a friendship. You are tested in many ways: morning routine, sleep-in hours, preferred food, ability to spend etc.

So when I am asked to travel with someone, I deliberate with care before agreeing. Even more so if it is with someone I am close to and care about. I am happy to report that my friendship with Ted stood to the test, remained steadfast buddies and have yet to mirder each other. Yes, the trip wasn’t without its ups and downs. But without Ted, I wouldn’t have seen Bangkok through a different eye like we did.

For that, my TTM, khob khun kab!

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