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The One With Paisano’s Pizzeria – The Magic Is In The Beer

Yes, I know the weather in Hong Kong has been maddening lately. One moment it was a fine morning with a little breeze, tempting you to wear that nice jacket just for one more day. Another hour later you will cowering under a too-small umbrella, rain poring like it’s the end of the world, and still not a cab in sight.

Yes, I know the feeling. I have been there, done that, and I was stretched this close to a breaking point one evening when all I wanted – really – was to sit down, chill, and have uncomplicated food.

Shakley's Pizza

Any place that serves ice-cold beer on the tap in frozen glass in this summer humidity has got my vote. Shakley’s pizza and pasta might have left much to be desired, but I was too busy savouring that magical pint to really care.

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The One With Gafencu Men!

Belated news, but this blog was featured on Gafencu Men, June edition, thanks to Vickie. To have your blog (which was last updated mote than a month ago) listed among other blogging heavyweights like Jason Ng, JJ Acuna and Janice Leung is truly an honour, if not a bit intimidating.

Gafencu Men 高峰傲 Hong Kong Jun 2013 issue 2013-07-13 08-17-16

I would not reproduce the piece here (hey, I work in the media, I know how copyrights work), but do hop over to their online ecopy and read all about us on page 132, or on the less pleasant version of their website (the usability is no Gafencu, to be honest) – I am on tab 4.

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The One With ZHEN Central Foot Spa

To say that I am a massage junkie would be like saying Mother Teresa is kind to children. I have tried and loved it all – the more painful, the better.

Recently I was invited to try out this new outlet located in Lan Kwai Fong called the ZHEN foot spa & body massage. Since nowadays I am kinda bored with my usual joint – that’s Fun Feet in Happy Valley – I jumped at the invitation.

ZHEN Central Foot Spa

ZHEN is barely one month old and is built on the belief that every customers should be treated like an emperor (hence “zhen”, geddit?). Despite its decidedly oriental namesake, the spa is not your usual foot massage place. With its not-as-dim lighting and soothing Nora Jones on the speaker, and interior decoration that could only be described Zen, I knew the experience would somewhat different.

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