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The One With Brickhouse Revisited

It doesn’t seem too long ago when I had my first visit to Brickhouse at the height of their madness when, in the absence of a liquor license, they piled drinks after drinks onto their delighted patrons, yours truly included. Everything took on a rosy, margarita-hazed glow then. Friends couldn’t sing enough praises of Brickhouse, and between you and me, that’s like striking a consolation prize in the local mark-six.

Fast forward a few months later, I returned late at night for a spot of supper with some Singapore visitors. To my dismay: (1) they no longer serve free drinks (yes yes I know that couldn’t last forever); and (2) their kitchen has closed and most of the menu is no longer available. One miserable round of drinks later, we back out on the street and I seriously wondered if my first experience at Brickhouse was a dream.

So when I was invited to return and sample of the latest creations on Chef Austin’s menu, I jumped at the chance.

The Ambiance

Rowdy as ever, the crowd at Brickhouse was loud, joyful and hungry. The music was blaring loudly and conversations were more than a bit strained, but hey if you are looking for a quiet place to chill, Brickhouse ain’t the place. It is one of those place where strangers become friends, personal space cease to exist, and you leave your burdens of the day at the door. You couldn’t have asked for a more mixed crowd – the trendy artists mixed comfortably with drunken suits against a background of deafening chatter and an efficient crew of so-cool-it-hurts staff.

The Must-Have

The One With Brickhouse Revisited

Clear winner of the night was – surprise, surprise – not the main, but one of its ceviches. The Agua Chili was a delightful, vibrant mix of shrimp, cucumber water, pickled red onions, and cilantro and chili oil. The differing ingredients promise a ceviches that is packed with texture and flavour, and aqua Chili did not disappoint. Digging up everything with a piece of chips is the recommended way of savouring it.

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