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The One With Sorabol Korean Restaurant – Kimchi, Bibimbab & Other Noms In Causeway Bay

I realised that I do not know much about Korean food. As far as I remember, I have only been to a Korean restaurant twice in Hong Kong – once at Chung Gye Chon at the famous Korean street in Tsim Sha Tsui, and another at iSquare for a friend’s birthday and of which I didn’t blog about. Though I have been to Seoul once, I had too few Korean meals to consider myself Seoul-out (God I love a bad pun) so, no, I conclude that I do not know much about Korean food, if at all.

Sorabol Korean Restaurant

Jahbchae (saute vermicelli with shredded mushrooms and vegetables).

For tonight I wanted to do something different for dinner, and the thought in getting our hands dirty with Korean BBQ seems apt. So we found ourselves at Sorabol Korean Restaurant at Lee Theater Plaza in Causeway Bay. Apparently, Sorabol is THE place to be at if you are looking for Korean food.

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