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The One With Mother’s Day’s Shopping

Wow, it has been quite a long time since I blogged. Another year has passed and it’s soon to be Mother’s Day again! Come this Sunday, sons and daughters around the world will be celebrating this special day with their mommies dearest. I don’t know about you, but I always kinda dread the day coming…

… no, not because I don’t love my Mom. Do you mind! But because since my Mom is in the States, I am always at a dead end on what to buy for her!

Apparently, I am not alone. Our good friends over at Groupon did some research and found that many of us clueless children are stressed over what to buy for their mom, trying to find something that might please those “difficult” (I am using the term loosely here) mommies and figuring out what they really, really want.

But this year became a little different for me… and I am not let you know why. All in a good time, my friend. But if you are still at wit’s ends trying to figure out what to get for Mommy dearest, you still have time.

Groupon’s Mother’s Day deals boast a whole range of stuff you could consider for the most important woman in your life! (For those whom are married, com’on, just for one weekend!) You could treat her to a very nice meal:

A heavenly, out-of-this-world massage:

Or that piece of electronics she had really wanted to use at home:

So, what would it be?