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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of Sukhumvit, Im Chang, Rainhill, The White Salon, Leyana Spa & Genpukan

Sometimes even at the most familiar cities, you have to venture out to the unknown to discover hidden gems. After a long, leisurely morning at the hotel of Proseco-fueled breakfast and a brief dip at the gorgeous infinity pool, it’s time to let our feet do the talking and explore Sukhumvit.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 3

First pit stop: An unknown road side “stall” (for the lack of a better word) of which its large sign caught my attention more than anything else. Im Chang was simple stall with the simple tagline “Thai food Very Good and Very Cheap“. At the right place and at the right time, I couldn’t have agreed more. It was a great discovery – we ordered a variety of stuff to try and none was disappointing, although we were careful not to overstuff ourselves in anticipation of great street snacks in the area.

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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of Red Oven, So Fit Infinity Pool, Banyan Tree Spa & 99 Rest Backyard Café

It’s odd to be awake and asleep at similar times as if it was just like any other day.

By dawn, I was awake having a fierce internal debate whether to wake up to do my blogging for the day, or to go back to sleep because, hey, if you can’t sleep in on a holiday, what kind of holiday would that be? The former usually wins, and as a result I am usually dead tired by ten at night and the mounds of fluffy pillows didn’t help. It’s a good thing The Travel Mate (TTM) has been very understanding.

Lights were out by eleven, after a day packed with unexpected and unplanned activities.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 2

When a foodie was told that breakfasts at a particular hotel restaurant buffet accepts no reservation and it is all first come, first serve basis, please excuse him for being unbearably overexcited. Because that usually meant the restaurant has got great reputation, and with much haste we went on down to the popular Red Oven for a spot of breakfast.

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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of Sofitel So, The Erawans, Mango Tree & Tarntawan

Right from the moment we arrived at Sofitel So Bangkok, I knew we were in for a world of difference.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 1

From the deferential bellboys who separately attended to our luggages and check-in details, to the seemingly flirtatious invitation to their ninth floor reception lobby for a drink “to get to know us better”, everything was done with impeccable taste and refined tact. I was grinning from ear to ear all over them – an invitation to “free food and enough drink to fell an elephant” at their bar MIXO, a resting table from the moment we arrive with a sprawling view of the Lumpini Park… I feel like a hyped-up yet sleepy traveler (I woke up at four a.m. that morning) overdose on happy pills.

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The One With Sorabol Korean Restaurant – Kimchi, Bibimbab & Other Noms In Causeway Bay

I realised that I do not know much about Korean food. As far as I remember, I have only been to a Korean restaurant twice in Hong Kong – once at Chung Gye Chon at the famous Korean street in Tsim Sha Tsui, and another at iSquare for a friend’s birthday and of which I didn’t blog about. Though I have been to Seoul once, I had too few Korean meals to consider myself Seoul-out (God I love a bad pun) so, no, I conclude that I do not know much about Korean food, if at all.

Sorabol Korean Restaurant

Jahbchae (saute vermicelli with shredded mushrooms and vegetables).

For tonight I wanted to do something different for dinner, and the thought in getting our hands dirty with Korean BBQ seems apt. So we found ourselves at Sorabol Korean Restaurant at Lee Theater Plaza in Causeway Bay. Apparently, Sorabol is THE place to be at if you are looking for Korean food.

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The One With Nespresso’s Limited Edition of Trieste & Naples

I can’t believe that it has been five months since I bought my first espresso machine.

My Nespresso Experience

(Just a note: Since that last blog post, for some reason the machine broke down, and I went back to exchange for a black one. Top notch customer service, no questions were asked!)

Nary a morning passed when I didn’t down a double dosage of these lovely capsules. I must have tried every single flavour, for I have returned to the boutique at least three times and on each visit, I bought at least ten sleeves. All for the love of caffeine, of course!

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The One With Maureen – Wan Chai Chinese Noodles Bar With Slow Cooked Food

It was a noodle bar with a name that was hard to resist. Especially when you have a friend whose name is also Maureen and you wanted to try a new place for your first dinner gathering in the new year.

Maureen's Noodles

Finding Maureen (that’s the name of the restaurant, short and sweet) has been more than a challenge. At least three cab drivers claimed not to know the street, and on my fourth attempt, I demanded the driver to look at my map and to get me there. Tip: To get to Hing Wan Street, you are better off looking for Stone Nullah Lane (石水渠街). That’s where the famous Blue House of Hong Kong is located at. A few doors down from Maureen is the Wanchai Visual Archive. You can’t miss it, with its patron spilling out from the bar onto the sidewalk with their merrymaking while the entire street was eerily silent.

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The One With Mother’s Day’s Shopping

Wow, it has been quite a long time since I blogged. Another year has passed and it’s soon to be Mother’s Day again! Come this Sunday, sons and daughters around the world will be celebrating this special day with their mommies dearest. I don’t know about you, but I always kinda dread the day coming…

… no, not because I don’t love my Mom. Do you mind! But because since my Mom is in the States, I am always at a dead end on what to buy for her!

Apparently, I am not alone. Our good friends over at Groupon did some research and found that many of us clueless children are stressed over what to buy for their mom, trying to find something that might please those “difficult” (I am using the term loosely here) mommies and figuring out what they really, really want.

But this year became a little different for me… and I am not let you know why. All in a good time, my friend. But if you are still at wit’s ends trying to figure out what to get for Mommy dearest, you still have time.

Groupon’s Mother’s Day deals boast a whole range of stuff you could consider for the most important woman in your life! (For those whom are married, com’on, just for one weekend!) You could treat her to a very nice meal:

A heavenly, out-of-this-world massage:

Or that piece of electronics she had really wanted to use at home:

So, what would it be?

The One With Wong Kee Restaurant – Roadside Chinese (And Pints Of Beer!) At Causeway Bay

Sometimes the best dinner plans are the ones unplanned. There’s something about doing meals impromptu with friends on loose ends, and that’s how I spent one of my Friday nights. I remembered seeing one of these roadside place packed with people at dinner time right behind Times Square, and I was eager to return to experience everything, exhaust fume and all.

Wong Kee Restaurant @ Causeway Bay

Wong Kee Restaurant (also confusingly named Fai Kee Restaurant) is one of those hole in the wall Chinese place with spilled tables all over the roadside. Tang Lung Street seemed very boisterous with families eating out with children and boisterous men enjoying beer pints after work. It’s quite an atmosphere to soak in, especially considering that you are right smack in the middle of Causeway Bay.

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