The One With Happy Valley Bar & Grill – Amazing Pub Grub In The Neighbouhood

So I missed hanging out with a certain dear friend of mine. He has been traveling, and I have been, you know, in and out of hospital (it’s a long story), so when he texted to arrange for a long overdue catch-up session, I said yes. Happy Valley Bar & Grill was my choice.

The decision was two-fold. First of all, I have been to this pub twice before, both times with different people but for the same reason – to chill. And chill we did. Happy Valley Bar & Grill has one of the largest beer selection I have seen apart from The Globe. As Happy Valley isn’t connected to any train station and is only accessible by buses and trams, we do not suffer endless crowds and was able to enjoy relatively serene surroundings… coming from a someone who resides on HK Island, that’s a rarity.

Happy Valley Bar & Grill

Secondly, I do think that Happy Valley Bar & Grill serves some of the best pub grubs on HK Island. On all occasions, we ordered the potato skins. Oh my. If sinful happiness can be summed up in a plate, this would be it.

Happy Valley Bar & Grill

Crispy potato skins. Deep fried bacon. Generous sour cream. What is there not to like? It’s the perfect grub to go with yet another sinful pint of your choice. Call me traditional but I would recommend the Leffe Blonde.

Happy Valley Bar & Grill

It was brunch time at the pub – a daily occurrence – and I had the relatively healthy Grilled Chicken BLT. That’s stacked toasted bun with grilled chicken and slices of avocado, served with rocket leaves and poached egg. Nothing to shout about buy hey it scratched the spot.

Happy Valley Bar & Grill

My friend ordered the All Day Breakfast Salad. Don’t let the name fool you – the salad is far from being friendly to the diet conscious. Not with the generous helping of crispy bacon and sliced sausages. For those watching their calories, look the other way.

Happy Valley Bar & Grill

Verdict? Perfect for those looking for a chilled spot for some long, meandering brunch with uncomplicated surroundings.

Happy Valley Bar & Grill
38 Wong Nai Chung Road
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

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