The One With Daycraft & Booroos – Online Shopping & Reviews

It was a no brainer, really.

I shopped online at Daycraft before. Necesity did a great job of recommending good local merchants, and finding an iPhone case which I liked, I did my part to support local businesses.

This time round, I was asked by my good friend, Min to do some online shopping and do a review for Booroos, the online shopping reviews website she founded from Singapore. I thought, of course, Daycraft would be perfect for this.

First, a word about Booroos.


Booroos was created to answer familiar questions from online shoppers when it comes to service quality, website experience, products and services purchased and the like. The open collaborative website which allows everyone to share and review their online shopping experience allow avid shoppers to be be online “Buying Guru”. Booroos’ reviews are written by every day shoppers – like yours truly – who offer objective third-party reviews and therefore able to offer would-be online shoppers a trustworthy source of information.

So, on to Daycraft. I was on the hunt for some V’day gift, and I wanted to get something that is professional yet still hip and young. Something practical that the better half can use daily (and remember me, hehe) and easy to carry around.

After a search around the website, I found the perfect gift.


The Handpick Holder is a stylish small “folder” to hold together accessories and tools you can find within the Handy pick Refills and Parts range of items, which include notebooks, rulers, binders and paperclips. All these are sized accordingly so that it’ll fit into the Handpick Holder.

And when the big day came, I presented the gift to the better half. It looks much better in real life!


We had a whale of a time trying to figure out how the different items fit into the folder. I purchased almost the entire range so that the better half has the flexibility to mix and match.



All in all, a very pleasant experience. I was happy to recommend Daycraft on Booroos, and I would encourage you to use the site if you are also an online shopper. Every now and then Booroos runs online promotion which gives you a chance to win online shopping vouchers simply by writing about your online shopping experience!

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Get shopping, everyone.

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