The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 5

The last day of your holiday is often the hardest. You would probably need to allocate enough time to get to the airport on time, leaving little time to plan for anything else. You could either spend the day packing up and checking out, or you could sacrifice some sleep and pack the night before, so that you could spend the precious few final hours to do just one last thing…

… which we did. To eat, what else!

Lu Sang

Lu Sang was actually the first food destination we visited the very day we arrived in Taipei, but like all typical local Taiwanese place, they are opened only at meal times, for a mere few hours.

We called ahead the day before to make sure we will be there for lunch on the very last day we are in Taipei, and it was definitely a good call. The food experience probably would be best saved for a standalone blog post, one of which I would imagined titled “The One With Lu Sang – A Genuine Local Taste of Yilan In Taipei”.

The day passed by very fast, as we took a limo service to the airport and arrived with an hour to spare. It was a relaxed time for us to chill down from the past five hectic days, and we arrived in Hong Kong with no fuss (and I did fall asleep very deeply during the flight).

For the first time in many years, I found myself to be experiencing post-holiday blues. Probably it’s a sign that Taipei 2013 has been very exceptional. I am glad I have made this trip with someone I care about and to experience the city in entirely new, unexpected ways.

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Eating Out & Restaurants

Lu Sang (呂桑食堂)
No. 12-5 Yong Kang St. (台北市大安區永康街12-5號)
Tel: +855 2 2351-3323
11:30AM – 2PM; 5PM- 9PM daily

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