The One With Gold Mine – Comforting Chinese Food In London

So it has been months since I visited London for my annual Europe trip this year. I find it incredibly strange the locals sing praises for Chinese food in London, often at the expense for the “real” Chinese food in places like Hong Kong or China. I mean, what could be better than the real origin of Chinese food, right? Was I very much uninformed, uneducated?

I discovered the answers at a bustling restaurant called Gold Mine Restaurant at Bayswater, London.

Gold Mine London

We started our dinner with some comforting soup. Decent, but nothing to write home about. So was the stir fried greens.

Gold Mine London

I had my fair share of steamed eggs in Hong Kong, so expectations were high when this amazing looking dish arrived at our table. This plate of smooth egg was a testament that Chinese food can taste as good as it looks. The dried scallops and diced shrimps gave the steamed eggs a complex flavour that went down right a treat with a bowl of steam rice. Defiantly Hong Kong-worthy.

Gold Mine London

The star of the night, of course, was what the restaurant is famous for – roast duck. These birds were temptingly displayed at the front of the shop, luring in diners with their golden skins which looked equally desirable when laid on a plate. The sauce was rich and thick – if a bit too much – but the duck more than made up for it. The herbal aroma was tantalising; the meat juicy and tender with a thin layer of fat, which went amazingly well with the side of a delightful chilli sauce. A true treat indeed.

Gold Mine London

A word about the restaurant. Gold Mine was a tiny place and increasingly popular with Chinese patrons both locals and abroad. Throughout dinner I kept hearing snippets of Singaporean, Malaysian, mainland and ABC’s Chinese all over the place. You might not be entirely comfortable with that many tables and chairs crammed into such tight place, but one can’t help but be in awe that Gold Mine was the embodiment of what a true cosmopolitan city London is.

Gold Mine London

Verdict? Strike it lucky at Gold Mine with a healthy portion of roast duck and a side of steamed eggs. London does have great Chinese food.

Gold Mine Restaurant
102 Queensway, Paddington
London W2 3RR, United Kingdom
44 20 7792 8331

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