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The One With 22 Ships – Pricey But Delicious Spanish Tapas

So I have heard much about 22 Ships, one of the many Spanish places opening up all over the cities. I quite liked how they named their restaurant. It’s no stroke of genius, but it certainly put a spin into telling my friends where to meet up for dinner. “Hey, meet me at 22 Ships at Ship Street.” How about, “Let’s drink up at Leighton 8 and 8 Leighton Road,” or “We do dim sum at The Tin Lok at Tin Lok Lane“.

Well, you get the drift.

22 Ships

Let’s put it this way – 22 Ships is no ship, size-wise.. The place is tiny, cramped and certainly look more like a bar than a restaurant. While the vibe is infectiously buzzy, the utter lack of privacy between diners – I could literally eat off my neighbour’s plate – made it not a destination of choice if you are after romantic dinners. There’s only so many “I love you”s you could utter across your paella without the people around you sniggering and rolling their eyes.

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