The One With My Nespresso Experience – U Got My Heart

So I was glassy-eyed one evening after necking four shots of coffee back-to-back, and I totally didn’t sleep a wink the entire night as a result. Needless to say I was entirely off-form the next day, but it was all worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a very caffeine-affected, coffee-warming welcome to the new U machine, brought to you by the good folks of Nespresso. I drank, I shot and I bought.

My Nespresso Experience

You see, I have been looking for a coffee machine for some time now, but never did make a move to buy one. There were too many questions I had to consider, and the stress of shopping (yes, it’s stressful to me) kinda put that idea to a backburner. So when Nespresso invited me to try out this new machine, I gracefully accepted, while creating a mental checklist of questions I’ll pepper the poor PR girls.

My Nespresso Experience

Readers, I bought the machine. U is everything I asked for, and more. The coffee machine is tiny, weight less than my Macbook, and the design is ridiculously simple. Space is a big concern to me – have you seen the size of a typical HK kitchen? – so my coffee machine must be tiny. U boasts an adjustable water tank and detachable water drip tray, which allowed it to change shape to suit your kitchen top.

My Nespresso Experience

I always thought operating a coffee machine is close to rocket size, and the last thing I need when I wake up in the morning is to wrestle with a machine. U is a god-sent on that front. The touch-button interface is a snap to use – if you can operate an iPhone, making your coffee in any of the three cup lengths (Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo) is a no-brainer. You could do it half asleep.

My Nespresso Experience

Cleaning up the machine is a breeze too. All I needed to do is to operate the machine without a capsule. And I only need to clean it once every few days (though being a clean freak I will probably do it every day). I thought cleaning a coffee machine is like cleaning a fish tank. Oh joy!

If you are like me and have been thinking of getting one, there are now two reasons for you to do it before end of the year.

Reason #1

All the Nespresso machines (U and all other models) are now $300 off. Every model. U is probably one of the cheapest models, retailing at HK$1,688, so if you get it by Dec 31, a new U of the colour of your choice (cream, black, grey, orange) can be yours at $1,388.

Reason #2

More of a reason for those of you who love to cook. “My Nespresso Coffee Cuisine” is a limited edition, money-can’t-buy compilation of recipes using gourmet coffee in surprising ways. (Coffee! In food! No kidding!) The book is co-authored by some of the biggest names in the local food scene, including Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation and Harlan Goldstein from Gold. This gorgeous hardcover is available to Nespresso club members by request and first come, first serve basis. You can become a member by buying a machine. I was told the English version of the book is running out, so do hurry.

My Nespresso Experience

Verdict? A great deal for the coffee lovers. This has been a Christmas present to myself! My mornings will never be the same again.

Note: This is NOT an advertorial. Though I have been invited by Nespresso to try their Christmas coffee, I made the decision to get U all by myself :)

Nespresso Boutique
IFC Mall
Harbour View Street, Hong Kong

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2 Thoughts on “The One With My Nespresso Experience – U Got My Heart

  1. Efren Macasaet on 21 December, 2012 at 9:40 am said:

    The first photo is hazelnut right?

  2.  Yes! It is the festive limited edition.

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