The One With Gardens By The Bay – World Building Of The Year

So I was in Singapore for my buddy’s wedding. It was a long weekend, and unlike my past visits to Singapore, I decided to take it easy, slow down… and smell the flowers, literally. One hot afternoon (it’s always hot in Singapore!) I found myself at Gardens By The Bay.

Gardens by the Bay

They say no visit to Singapore is complete without taking a stroll round this garden and take in the almost surreal views. These trees were a sight to behold, like some twisted experiment to blend technology and nature into a beautiful sculpture.

Gardens by the Bay

There’s more than a touch of Avatar (the movie) about it. I was mesmerised through and through. The view just gets better when it lights up at night.

Gardens by the Bay

I don’t want to sound like a travel brochure; you can easily get information like opening times, directions, facilities and everything else about Gardens By The Bay from their official website. But you can take my word for it – it is not something you want to miss when you visit this city state.

Gardens by the Bay

Stay for the light show. I didn’t as time was running out, but I was told it is a spectacle only Singapore can pull off, and I believe it. Afterall, there must be some solid reasons why it was crowned the World Building Of The Year 2012.

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Gardens By The Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
6420 6848

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