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The One With Greenland – Travel Guide, Writings & Reflection

Ilulissat Kangerlua

Four months after the epic trip of a lifetime, I am finally done with my blog posts on Greenland. The six-day journey, starting from the capital of Greenland Nuuk, to the icefjord town of Ilulissat, have been one chilling adventure of gigantic icebergs, great food and gorgeous people. Here’s the full list of all posts on my adventure in Greenland.

The One With First Impression Of Nuuk – Greenlanders are devastatingly good looking people. It was intoxicating to be surrounded by such beauty, and their surprisingly good grasp of English didn’t help my over-the-top adoration for them.

The One With A Nuuk Experience – National Greenland Museum, Santa Claus Post Office, Katuag Cultural Centre & Kolonihavn. Visiting Nuuk made me realise we often take too much for granted.

The One With First Impression of Ilulissat – This was it. This was the reason why I worked hard all those months, saved all those money, and traveled these many miles to Greenland.

The One With Icebergs Excursion At Disko Bay – A tale of midnight sun, Restaurant Ulo & the Ilimanaq. These were literally the tips of the icebergs. The drama unfolds daily in Disko Bay, with icebergs of all sizes fighting, clashing and dominating one another.

The One With Ilulissat Kangerlua – The hike To Holms Bakke. Right in front of me is the very thing I didn’t believed in. The icefjord was crammed with icebergs, some of them the size of small towns.

The One With Last Day At Greenland – There is only so much travel writings can tell you. Greenland, for all its vastness and rich details, deserves more than just a few penned words.

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