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The One With My Nespresso Experience – U Got My Heart

So I was glassy-eyed one evening after necking four shots of coffee back-to-back, and I totally didn’t sleep a wink the entire night as a result. Needless to say I was entirely off-form the next day, but it was all worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a very caffeine-affected, coffee-warming welcome to the new U machine, brought to you by the good folks of Nespresso. I drank, I shot and I bought.

My Nespresso Experience

You see, I have been looking for a coffee machine for some time now, but never did make a move to buy one. There were too many questions I had to consider, and the stress of shopping (yes, it’s stressful to me) kinda put that idea to a backburner. So when Nespresso invited me to try out this new machine, I gracefully accepted, while creating a mental checklist of questions I’ll pepper the poor PR girls.

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