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The Best Of You Got Me Blogging 2012

This has been a good year for You Got Me Blogging.

I would have probably eaten way more than I ever planned to – I am now permanently on a diet – but the end result is a good compilation of great places to eat in Hong Kong, and to experience authentic local culture. Being a foodie in Hong Kong has made me less of a glutton, more of a lover and hopefully never a snob to the vast gastronomical delight that this country has to offer.

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The One With Gardens By The Bay – World Building Of The Year

So I was in Singapore for my buddy’s wedding. It was a long weekend, and unlike my past visits to Singapore, I decided to take it easy, slow down… and smell the flowers, literally. One hot afternoon (it’s always hot in Singapore!) I found myself at Gardens By The Bay.

Gardens by the Bay

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The One With Greenland – Travel Guide, Writings & Reflection

Ilulissat Kangerlua

Four months after the epic trip of a lifetime, I am finally done with my blog posts on Greenland. The six-day journey, starting from the capital of Greenland Nuuk, to the icefjord town of Ilulissat, have been one chilling adventure of gigantic icebergs, great food and gorgeous people. Here’s the full list of all posts on my adventure in Greenland.

The One With First Impression Of Nuuk – Greenlanders are devastatingly good looking people. It was intoxicating to be surrounded by such beauty, and their surprisingly good grasp of English didn’t help my over-the-top adoration for them.

The One With A Nuuk Experience – National Greenland Museum, Santa Claus Post Office, Katuag Cultural Centre & Kolonihavn. Visiting Nuuk made me realise we often take too much for granted.

The One With First Impression of Ilulissat – This was it. This was the reason why I worked hard all those months, saved all those money, and traveled these many miles to Greenland.

The One With Icebergs Excursion At Disko Bay – A tale of midnight sun, Restaurant Ulo & the Ilimanaq. These were literally the tips of the icebergs. The drama unfolds daily in Disko Bay, with icebergs of all sizes fighting, clashing and dominating one another.

The One With Ilulissat Kangerlua – The hike To Holms Bakke. Right in front of me is the very thing I didn’t believed in. The icefjord was crammed with icebergs, some of them the size of small towns.

The One With Last Day At Greenland – There is only so much travel writings can tell you. Greenland, for all its vastness and rich details, deserves more than just a few penned words.

Click here for travel information for Nuuk (hotels, tour agencies, restaurants, attractions and the like)
Click here for travel information for Ilulissat (hotels, tour agencies, restaurants, attractions and the like)

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The One With Christmas – Joy From Greenland & Thoughts On Friendships

So the postcard finally came. The self-paid mail Christmas order all the way from Greenland.

Merry Christmas from Greenland

It’s nice having mail on Christmas Eve. This card is part of the service of Santa Claus Post Office at Nuuk, Greenland. You pay some EUR7 for a post card, write in your address and leave it behind. The elves of Santa will then post it to you nearer to Christmas so that you get some festive cheer in the post.

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The One With My Nespresso Experience – U Got My Heart

So I was glassy-eyed one evening after necking four shots of coffee back-to-back, and I totally didn’t sleep a wink the entire night as a result. Needless to say I was entirely off-form the next day, but it was all worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a very caffeine-affected, coffee-warming welcome to the new U machine, brought to you by the good folks of Nespresso. I drank, I shot and I bought.

My Nespresso Experience

You see, I have been looking for a coffee machine for some time now, but never did make a move to buy one. There were too many questions I had to consider, and the stress of shopping (yes, it’s stressful to me) kinda put that idea to a backburner. So when Nespresso invited me to try out this new machine, I gracefully accepted, while creating a mental checklist of questions I’ll pepper the poor PR girls.

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The One With Rabbithole Coffee – Caffeine Joint In Central

So I found myself at Rabbithole one day. Truth to be told, I am no expert when it comes to coffee and all its derivatives. I neck some caffeine every morning from the usual suspects – Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, and the occasional Barista Jam – but I read Rabbithole is a different kinda of (coffee) animal altogether.

Rabbithole Coffee

One can’t miss the Rabbithole Coffee if they frequent the Mid-Levels escalator. Call it good marketing, call it pure luck, the positioning of the shop right at the eye-level of many escalator riders is certainly intriguing. In fact, that was how I get to know Rabbithole in the first place. Well, that, and this excellent piece by Charmaine.

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The One With Pang’s Kitchen – Cantonese Fare In Happy Valley

So it was my first visit to Pang’s Kitchen, one of the latest additions to Michelin Star Restaurants 2013. I have been told by fellow foodies and neighbours that Pang’s Kitchen is one of the best eats in Happy Valley. But since most of the time I eat out alone, and that the restaurant is packed to the brim almost every night, I didn’t venture in until tonight.

Was it because the the Michelin award? Truth to be told, I was more intrigued by how the owner of the restaurant, Pang Pak-sheung said when he learned that Pang’s Kitchen has received one star in the 2013 Michelin Guide. According to SCMP, his reaction was “Keep me out of this”.

Putting aside the folly of the Michelin star system in Hong Kong, I was there for a special dinner with my better half. After asking fellow foodies from #HKFoodBloggers, we ordered some of the crowd favorite.

Strawberry Pork Ribs (HK$98)

Pang's Kitchen

Recommended by almost everyone I spoke to, it is easy to understand why. Though this dish is rather common in Cantonese restaurants, cooking it in strawberry was certainly a first for me. Usually, “gou lou yook” is cooked with pineapples. To use strawberry instead seems like a good choice, especially for those of us who doesn’t like their meat dish too sweet. The pork was lean, deep fried with a light batter that made it quite a delight to savour. I can see why almost every table in Pang Kitchen’s had the same dish for the night.

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The One With Sai Kung Seafood Private Kitchen – A True Gastronomic Adventure

An eerie silence permeates the night.

As I walk down the muddy path from the edge of the forest where our cab left us, I look up into the clear sky and see stars. My awe is shortlived as suddenly, something dashes across our path into the bushes just to the left. I curse under my breathe and strain my eyes looking for the sign. Any sign. To be honest, at that time of the night, a sign of another human being would be a welcome sight.

If this sounds like a scene from Indiana Jones, I don’t blame you. I feel like one. I am at a God-forsaken village in the middle of nowhere in Sai Kung, where bus stops running and only cabs can reach. Street lights are far and few in between, and as the night deepens I am eager to reach my destination.

Where’s that, you ask? Why, a food place, of course. A seafood private kitchen, to be exact. Only that I am armed only with an address (in Chinese!) and Google Map isn’t of much help.

Blue Gate Seafood Private Kitchen

It is hard to believe that, half an hour after that dramatic scene, I am seated at a table for ten, sipping red wine and wishing the birthday boy the best of luck for the year ahead. The private kitchen we are at is quite elusive and known to a precious few.

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