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The One With The Boathouse – Stanley Seaside Joint

This is not so much of a review, but more like an experience.

For weeks now I have been coped up at home on weekends, doing God-know-whats. Work, more work, some blogging, some pigging out, some drinking. It’s not life-threatening stuff, and I am not saying I am not enjoying it, but it has been more than a tad suffocating. There’s only so much Friends and McDonald’s ansd Webmail that a guy can take before he go totally bonkers and start dancing down the street with a kilt.

So before the lord of insanity claim ownership to my soul, I head out on a rainy weekend to Stanley. I think about the seaside pubs and joints and suddenly I just felt that I had to be there. So I went. Despite the meandering journey up and down a hill that took almost two hours no thanks to a broken down car, I was relieved to be at Stanley. The cold sea breeze, the plunging temperatures and the good companion were all I was looking for to unload some of these weariness that I seem to be carrying with me all the time.

The Boathouse Stanley

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