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The One With The Boathouse – Stanley Seaside Joint

This is not so much of a review, but more like an experience.

For weeks now I have been coped up at home on weekends, doing God-know-whats. Work, more work, some blogging, some pigging out, some drinking. It’s not life-threatening stuff, and I am not saying I am not enjoying it, but it has been more than a tad suffocating. There’s only so much Friends and McDonald’s ansd Webmail that a guy can take before he go totally bonkers and start dancing down the street with a kilt.

So before the lord of insanity claim ownership to my soul, I head out on a rainy weekend to Stanley. I think about the seaside pubs and joints and suddenly I just felt that I had to be there. So I went. Despite the meandering journey up and down a hill that took almost two hours no thanks to a broken down car, I was relieved to be at Stanley. The cold sea breeze, the plunging temperatures and the good companion were all I was looking for to unload some of these weariness that I seem to be carrying with me all the time.

The Boathouse Stanley

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The One With Tai O – Secluded Fishing Village Of Lantau Island

I knew there must be a reason why I don’t visit Tai O (located at Lantau Island) as often as, say, Cheung Chau, or Lamma Island. My last Tai O trip was by accident – we wanted to go to the Big Buddha but didn’t get off at the right bus stop – so this time round when Chris and I went out specifically to go to Tai O, we were… mindful of the time necessary.

A Saturday At Tai O

Oh my, what a debacle. First we had to take the train all the way to Tung Chung, which is the main town on Lantau Island. That itself is a 30 minute journey. Then at the Tung Chung bus terminal, we wait for some thirty minutes to get onto the bus, as the buses plying the Tung Chung – Tai O route was small, and they don’t allow standing passengers.

And then on and on it went, the bus going through the mountain side, a good hour journey. By the time we reached Tai O, both of us were tired, hot and exhausted… ready for our first refreshment of the day.

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The One With St Betty – A Sunday Roast Lesson

Despite having been to London a couple of times in the past year, I have never tried a Sunday roast before. Well, if I am to be entirely honest, I never even heard about Sunday roast. While I heard from the foodie circle that St Betty is doing a great Sunday roast this part of the world, it was with an open mind and a sense of adventure that I went to the restaurant in IFC one weekend.

Sunday Roast at St Betty

The Sunday roast ($298 per person, minimum two person) arrived at my table with much fanfare; three staff holding various bits and pieces, elaborately setting up the table and placing dishes in the right configuration for my better half and I. I almost wanted to video the whole thing, but I refrained. I was at St Betty after all, I am not sure if such uncouth behaviour will be tolerated.

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The One With Gurney Drive – “Ho Sik” Penang Fare

A friend of mine recently went to Penang for a holiday. When I asked how his trip was, he only had one word for it – eat. Eating is almost like a religion in this island state of Malaysia. Penang is famous for its local cuisine, probably second only to my beloved hometown Ipoh. The best of Penang food can be sampled along the famous Gurney Drive, which was the inspiration for this chain of restaurants now bring the flavour of Penang to Singapore.

Gurney Drive Changi Airport

What food comes to mind when you think of Penang food? Top of the list for worth foodies would be spicy Penang laksa, refreshing rojak, greasy char kuey teow (fried rice noodle) and fragrant prawn noodles. I was at Changi Airport recently with my Singapore hosts and buddies (hi Terence & Dora!) and we went to sample some of this famous Gurney food right at Terminal 3.

Gurney Drive Changi Airport

Penang rojak.

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The One With Choi Kee Spicy Crab – Second Encounter Of The Fiery Kind

It seems only like yesterday when I had my first taste of chili crab in Hong Kong. The overpowering spiciness and heavy loading of garlic did little for me for a virgin experience to remember by; kinda like having my first time with the wrong person.

But everything I thought I knew about chili crab was turned to crap after my visit to Choi Kee Fried Crab Expert.

Choi Kee Fried Crab Expert

Sauteed clams with chili and bean sauce.

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The One With New Bangkok – Cheap Thai In Causeway Bay

There’s no other word for it – it’s shameful for me not to know good, cheap eats around my workplace in Causeway Bay. Partly because I hardly lunch out – I find the office crowd maddening – but sometimes a gem of a find come onto my radar, as has New Bangkok which I had the pleasure to try out today!

Try as I might to get in quiet and early, the Thai restaurant was already teeming with customers. At first I wasn’t too pleased when the waitress asked me to stand right next to a table which was about to finish. I mean, I won’t do to others what I don’t want others to do to me. So I said I will wait outside… where I studied the menu and realised why the place was so popular.

New Bangkok

Fried rice with thai shrimp paste

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The One With La Cantoche – Funky French Food

Finding La Cantoche at Sheung Wan on a weekday night has been quite a challenge. For one, almost the entire Hollywood Road is deserted, with hardly any shops open. I did wonder if I got the address wrong, until I saw this sign outside Wa Lane Street.

La Cantoche

Who would have thought! Clever them; otherwise I would have walked right past not knowing La Cantoche is down a smaller lane and not on the main road.

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The One With Inle Myanmar – Delectable Burmese Cuisine

How the Burmese food scene has changed.

I used to have a Burmese staff in my first job, and he and I used to be very close. Often after work we will go out together, and one of our favourite Burmese food haunt is the Inle Myanmar Restaurant, located at the basement of Peninsula Plaza, in City Hall Singapore.

Back then, Inle is probably the only place in Singapore for you to get Burmese food. But as I returned to Peninsula during my recent trip back to Singapore, I was shocked. Not only that Inle has expanded tremendously, easily covering two shop lots, but the large shops next to it has been developed into Burmese food heaven, with multiple stalls selling Burmese food and Myanmar (the way you call people of Myanmar, and not Burmese) are gathered.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant

It was like a little Myanmar in Singapore. About time, I’ll say. They were certainly plenty of them in Singapore before, I am sure they are even more now, and every community needs “a place to call home”.

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