The One With Wild Honey – Great Breakfasts Redefined

When my friend asked to meet at Wild Honey at Scott’s Square for brunch, my immediate reaction was one of reservations. I remember there was some kind of a PR news with one of their ads last year – the name “Wild Honey” kinda stuck in my mind – but hey when I ask my friends for recommendations, I heed them. What’s the point of asking if you are not going to try them out?

Wild Honey Scott's Square

It turned out that the decision to do brunch at Wild Honey (they have an all day breakfast menu, similar to The Flying Pan and The Brunch Club in Hong Kong) turns out to be satisfyingly good. I walked into Scott’s Square with no expectations, but boy was I in for surprise!

Wild Honey Scott's Square

The deco of the restaurant is stunning. Not in an expensive, over-the-top way. The charm of Wild Honey lies in its understated interior, with low lighting, earthly tones, delightful floral prints deliciously combined with traditional motives, everywhere. It was like walking into a Singapore-styled arts museum, where the future meets the past, celebrating in the present.

Wild Honey Scott's Square

It was no bother for me to wait for 30 minutes for the yummy mummy (hi Min!) and her gorgeous baby, Beverly. The moment we locked eyes with each other, I melted. She laughed. The baby, not Min. I am sure it doesn’t mean anything about our future relationship. Again, with the baby, not Min. Min and I are more than fine :D

Wild Honey Scotts Square

And so on to the food. Gorgeous, gorgeous food. Even before we looked at the menu, I have been eyeing up food served to the tables around me. Large portions, the way breakfasts should be, with playful mix of colours making them a wet dream for the budding food photographers.

Tunisian Breakfast ($18)

Wild Honey Scott's Square

What do you know about Tunisia? Nothing, I expect. No worries, you are not alone. Take your first step knowing Tunisia with this vibrant, red breakfast platter served on a sizzling plate. With Bev safely tucked away, I dived in with a gusto into the peppery tomato stew with the chunks of fluffy, soft white bread. With a tomato-cucumber salad served on the side, the sliced chorizo sausage gave this hearty dish the meat factor. The delicious fried eggs? Heavenly. Remember to ask for a spoon so that you can scoop up every last, delicious drop.

Chicken Chop Chop Salad

Wild Honey Scott's Square

Min’s (first) choice. When I saw those crispy wonton skins on top, I knew this will turn out stunning. And it was. Perfectly cooked chicken breast mixed with fresh cabbages and pears. What I REALLY liked about this salad is the curry vinaigrette dressing, which gives it a flavourful Asian twist. The topped up spicy cashews only notch up its oriental quotient. I wholeheartedly approved.

Alas, Min thought the salad was way too spicy for her liking. She was literally perspiring from the hotness! When asked if she can change the dish, one of the wait staff – seems like the owner – agreed immediately without question. For what it is worth, I don’t think they really need to replace the dish, but the fact that they did only serve to impress. Top marks for service despite what I heard from the blogosphere.

Goat’s Cheese Salad

Wild Honey Scotts Square

Min’s replacement choice. I was offered a hunk of a pan friend goat’s cheese. Let me tell you that you have never really lived if you have not had goat cheese this way. The crispy exterior give way to the light, creamy goat cheese within. It was like eating cheese icecream. So sinful, so good. I looked on to the mix of warm bacon, arugula (my fav!) and tomatoes and half considered taking a bite, but the goat cheese took the spotlight.

Wild Honey Scotts Square

We ended the longgggg brunch with this interesting cheese balls served on a bed of salt. It’s indulgent not the say the least, but a great end to a great meal. I took two and devoured them in relish; you know, you can never stay slim in Singapore with all these delightful food waiting to be discovered. Then again, the same can be said about Hong Kong.

I know I am doomed from the start, but who cares! Life is too short for neverending diet.

Verdict? Wild Honey gets my vote for great breakfast and wonderful service. If all breakfasts are like this, I’ll never need lunches and dinners again.

Some photos are courtesy of Wild Honey.

Wild Honey
3rd Floor, Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, Singapore
(65) 6636 1816
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  1. Anonymous on 25 October, 2012 at 7:40 pm said:

    I was sooooo ready to head out and try this asap …. until I realised it’s in SG and not HK …. lol.¬†

  2.  Haha, I also say! I wish the stuff at Flying Pan is as good as this.

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