The One With The Salted Pig – A Case Of Porky Persuasion

If you are as connected to the foodie world as I do, it would be hard to miss the latest buzz around town about The Salted Pig. Many tales were abound, but lips were smacked and keyboards went a-tapping with glowing reviews on their porky creations, so one fine night when my dear friend from London was in town, we went down to L Place to sample of the famed goodies ourselves!

The Salted Pig

Operated by the same folks who brought you Shore Restaurant (which, incidentally, I have not tried… yet), The Salted Pig was aglow with happiness. The moment I walked out of the lift, the usher gave me such a radiant smile that I couldn’t help beaming back. My (somewhat trained) eyes quickly clocked in the buzzing place; much bigger than expected, with simple wooden chairs and long communal tables. Blackboards and mirrors were used to great effect with rustic crockery hanging everywhere. The effect was an outdoor dining area at a friendly countryside, complete with catchy, happy music.

The Salted Pig

And the low light! Let me tell you how much I love low lights. Nothing irked me more with intrusive lights shone onto my table (or worse, on my balding scalp), casting everything from my fork to the pepper shaker into shadow. The use of light at The Salted Pig was an art form, if you can appease the picky me. Yes, when it comes to lighting in a restaurant, I am fussy.

Now, when it comes to food, I am not fussy. In fact, I love food in its many form, from one spectrum to the other. While it doesn’t take much to impress me, nowadays I learn to ponder on my food, to discuss its merits, and whether it was worth a repeat order.

Yes, eating has become an exercise in shopping for me.

Bacon Salad

The Salted Pig

I am sure this wasn’t called bacon salad, but for the life of me I can’t recall the name. What I recall – vividly – was the incredible play of greens; green pea, broad beans and sweet pea, on a bed of crunchy baby lettuce hearts. Tossed into the healthy mix was bits of feta cheese and warm bacon dressing. They say bacon makes everything better, and this was no exception. I was digging for the peas towards the end of it.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

The Salted Pig

Recommended by the chef-in-residence Jason Black (whom, I was told, was an expert when it comes to cows and now pigs), the scallops were a seared perfection wrapped in the lardelicious embrace of soft bacon. The combination itself is new to me; the rich bacon complemented the fresh scallop pretty well, especially when enjoyed with the accompanying mint hash with cider vinaigrette. I imagined a crunchy, crispier layer of bacon and my cholesterol level peaked for a few seconds. Certainly something to consider, eh?

The Rack

The Salted Pig

Slow-cooked pork loin rack served with roasted carrot, onion and fennel. When this was served I was rather surprised by how uncomplicated it looked. Perhaps I was imagining a hunk of a pork loin drowning in a sea of gravy, and this was certainly a departure from the usual pork loin I had. The first bite was tantalising; tasty, firm and went exceptionally well with a side of mustard. As I moved onto the second piece however, I start to feel that perhaps the pork was rather dry, and the accompanying jug of mustard sauce didn’t really help matter. And when I was onto my third piece, I decided not to use the word “succulent” to describe the pork loin. Still one of the better loin rendition I have had, but certainly not amongst the best.

Banana Fudge “Eton Mass”

The Salted Pig

An unexpected end to the dinner, and certainly recommended if you like a sweet ending to your meal. I am no dessert expert – heck, I stopped after two satisfying spoonfuls – but my friend dug into the glass bowl for every last scrap.

A word about the service. It has been a long time since I last had such a happy meal, and to be pampered with such attentive service. The crew of wait staff and chefs were energetic, buzzing around with suggestions, and flashing quick but sincere smile to customers. Of course, it helped that the smile that flashed our way was particularly beautiful and enthralled us through much of the dinner.

Verdict? I’ll return to The Spotted Pig for a dose of that happy, buzzy vibe and a leisured, unpretentious meal. Perhaps this time I shall indulge in the famous “run & tickle” pork belly

The Salted Pig
2/F, The L Place
139 Queen’s Road Central
2870 2323

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