The One With The Globe – Pies, Pies & More Pies

You know how they say that within two hours after your workout, your body is at its most absorbent, so it is the prime time for you to take supplements such as protein shake.

It is also the worst time for you to consume fatty things and empty calories… which happened to me one fine Sunday.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

I couldn’t help it. It was the weekend before my annual Europe holiday, I was tired out from some physical and mental exercise at the gym (it was one of those days), so when Chris and Liren said they’ll be happy to have a Sunday beer, I jumped at the chance.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

Chicken, Leek & Ale Pie

The Globe was the destination of choice; partly because I like a place with vast selection of beers. The Globe also has the reputation of having one of the largest restaurant space at this part of Soho. I wasn’t eager to queue and wait for table in the weather, so to The Globe we went.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

Hoegaarden, Leffe Blonde & Old Speckled Hen.

Service was superb. The waitress whom attended to us listened to us, laughed at my joke (hey I can be funny at times), and generally making us very happy customers.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

Steak & Kidney Pie.

For lunch that day, all of us opted for pies. The steak & kidney pie proven to be the richest in taste and most pungent of smell. I am not exactly a fan of kidneys but had wanted to try something different, so this was certainly an intriguing experience. The chicken, leek & ale pie was a tad bland and too understated. It would have been must better had the taste be stronger. The beef, beer & mushroom pie straddled in between, with tasty chunks of beefs and the obligatory gooey sauce.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

All pies are served with mashed potatoes and Boston beans.

But what really stole the limelight of the day was not in the pie, but rather outside it. The pie crust was buttery and crispy, with cute little patterns baked onto it, so that you know what is inside. They must have baked it fresh, and that’s why it took quite sometime before the pie came out from the kitchen. The mash was just right, not so much lump and not as rich as the ones I had Nico. But the Marmite gravy was a nice touch, and the Boston beans was made from chopped beans instead of whole ones, and with more than a touch of smoky BBQ sauce. The combination, needless to say, was divine.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

Verdict? The rich-tasting pies were the perfect cure for hangovers, but it would taste even better without one. Try one for size, this weekend.

2 Thoughts on “The One With The Globe – Pies, Pies & More Pies

  1. Terry Collmann on 3 October, 2012 at 9:21 pm said:

    The pies are indeed fine, as are very many of the beers: but Leffe and Hoegaarden should be well down at the bottom of anybody’s list. Do yourself a favour – when you go to the Globe, don’t drink beers you can get in large numbers of other HK bars.

  2. Actually I really wanted to try the Typhoon, but (irony of irony) the beer was not in stock the same time when the typhoon u-turned from HK (remember that one?). What would you recommend?

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