The One With Lamma Hilton Shum Kee – My Seafood Epiphany Revisited

The recent Lamma ferry disaster has thrown much limelight onto this beloved island of Hong Kong. Though the city still mourn for those who perished in the collision and look on anxiously at those fighting for dear life in hospitals, there is little reason to doubt that Lamma, for its flaws and faults, remains a favorite island to many.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood

Flower crabs with egg white and Chinese wine.

I lost the number of times I took across the busy waterway (one of the busiest and, until recently, one of the safest in the world) to escape the concrete jungle of Hong Kong city for a bit of greens and nature. A hike through Lamma island is never taxing – afterall, it’s only 1.5 hours at most – and it’s a great way to unwind and relax and not to be inhaling exhaust fumes.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood

Blanched prawns.

But my greatest love for Lamma is not in its trail; I am not athletic even at the best of time. The love affair between Lamma and I takes on a gastronomical nature… of a particular form. This form takes shape of yellow chairs, tables spaced out at comfortable distance, a view of the sea and seafood shelves, courteous and friendly wait staff who have been working there for years, but definitely not the mindlessly congregating hordes of tourists digging into mediocre food, spotting unanimous stickers on their body.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood

Ginger and garlic lobsters.

Of course I am referring to Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood restaurant. If I have wrote about them once, I have wrote about them many times. Come to think of it, it has been more than two years since I first visited the restaurant for the first time, and till today the quality of the fare is fiercely maintained. Almost like in defiance to the other restaurants lining up the same waterfront, in reminder to them what real seafood should be like.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood

Fresh steamed fish.

My last visit was approximately 24 hours before the Lamma ferry disaster. We sat down for some beer and immediately I spotted this.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood

My review on CNNGo was printed onto the menu! Of course I exclaimed in delight. A commotion ensued as the (somewhat nosy) waitstaff came over to investigate why a man would squeal like a woman. In the excitement I found that an American tourist came wandering into Sok Kwu Wan holding a printout, looking for the restaurant. The boss scanned a copy and printed it onto the menu.

I was delighted and proud. I know I am not the best writer in the world but to actually witness how people took action because of my words were empowering. And encouraging.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood

Sweet and sour pork.

I need not to tell you why you should visit Lamma Hilton in Sok Kwu Wan. Because you do. My only additional recommendation is that you should try out their sweet and sour pork too. For a seafood place they did this extremely well; none of the fattiness but full of juice and flavour. A definite wise choice.

As for the seafood? Go with the flow, my friend. See you in Sok Kwu Wan.

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee
26 Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island
2982-8290/ 2982-8241

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