The One With My Gangnam Style – Me? Psy?

Never in my life I had some many likes on one single photo.

Okay, the outfit was planned specially for the wedding. Black suit, white shirt, with yellow bowtie and and yellow socks. The shades was added on. The end result was rather cool.

My Gangnam Style

But that wasn’t the photo I shared on Facebook. When I saw this large rattan seat at the hotel, it was just too inviting for me to do a cheesy pose on it. Risking roasting my own ass, I did a few shots, and realised… I was the embodiment of my own Gangnam style.

My Gangnam Style

So I uploaded it to Facebook and, with 80+ likes and counting, obviously my friends loved the shot.

Show me some love if you like it too! Here’s the full album of all my Gangnam shots.

P.S. If you are one of those poor souls who doesn’t know what Gangnam is, this video will give you some clue:

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