The One With Brat – Purveyor Of Awesome Sausages

I have been to Brat once before with my previous better half last year. I remembered the occasion very well; we had an unsatisfactory lunch somewhere (I won’t name names), and the (previous) better half remember a TV program which showcases a great place for sausages at Soho.


We went in, I was impressed, and we walked out. For the life of me I don’t know why I never blogged about Brat before, but hey it is not too late!

Brat, lovingly known as the purveyor of awesome sausages, was just that. I am not a sausage aficionado per say, but even the amateur me recognised the high standard of sausages being served here. It was a set meal for us, so we ordered a Brat each. Gracing the table for the afternoon was Frank (with mustard, paprika and onion garlic) and Sun Dried Tomatoes Mozzarella (with just like its name sakes).


The Frank.

The Frank came a little underwhelming, looking like the average sausage you could get from your favourite overpriced supermarkets. However I learned that day that one should never judge a sausage by its skin, and Frank was a stellar example. The meat was fragrant and slightly coarse, a far cry from the usual processed junk you get elsewhere. Mine was served with Jalapenos which was on hindsight an unwise choice, for I was perspiring slightly halfway into the meal because of the fiery spiciness.


Pumpkin soup.

But the Frank didn’t hold a stick compared to the Sun Dried Tomatoes Mozzarella (of which I forgot to take a photo of, argh!). The chunky meat was deliciously peppered, which brought about a touch of heat that wasn’t overwhelming but insistently there. The spice was well balanced with the sweet tomatoes, a surprising combination which made me wishing I had opted for that instead.


Both Brats were served with soup of the day (pumpkin soup, forgettable) and fries. Oh delicious fries. I had to stop myself from devouring the whole cone. Lightly salted with skin intact, it was finger licking good, though I wish the cut was slightly thicker.


A word about the place. Brat stood out amongst the many eateries dotting around Elgin street. With its stark white wall, simple wooden furniture and blackboards cleverly composed witty messages about the sausages on offer, it gives out an unpretentious, comfy vibe perfect for that occasional catch up with old friends.


Oh yes, included in my set menu is a jar of pickles, and I chose this lovely Whiskey Sour version. I took a bit at home and it was delicious to go with red wine. A bit soggy but hey it’s from Brooklyn!

Verdict? Brat will be a contender in the local food scene if they could moderate the price and posh up the place, for they do purvey some of the greatest sausages around. I’ll look forward to return!

7 Elgin Street,
2549 3088
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