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The One With The Salted Pig – A Case Of Porky Persuasion

If you are as connected to the foodie world as I do, it would be hard to miss the latest buzz around town about The Salted Pig. Many tales were abound, but lips were smacked and keyboards went a-tapping with glowing reviews on their porky creations, so one fine night when my dear friend from London was in town, we went down to L Place to sample of the famed goodies ourselves!

The Salted Pig

Operated by the same folks who brought you Shore Restaurant (which, incidentally, I have not tried… yet), The Salted Pig was aglow with happiness. The moment I walked out of the lift, the usher gave me such a radiant smile that I couldn’t help beaming back. My (somewhat trained) eyes quickly clocked in the buzzing place; much bigger than expected, with simple wooden chairs and long communal tables. Blackboards and mirrors were used to great effect with rustic crockery hanging everywhere. The effect was an outdoor dining area at a friendly countryside, complete with catchy, happy music.

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