The One With Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen – I Like It Stuffed

I will be the first to admit; I like my food stuffed.

It doesn’t matter if it is Chinese, Indian, Christmas, Chinese New Year, I do like things stuffed in things. Case in point; Thanksgiving turkey. Isn’t it wonderful to stuff the birds with all sort of goodies, and drench it with delicious gravy?

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Spanish Piquillo pepper stuffed with seafood.

So when I encountered this Spanish Piquillo pepper stuffed with seafood (boiled fish and crunchy shrimps), I was in heaven.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Papada de cerdo al vino tinto.

The place – Eclectic, the new kid on the Spanish private kitchen block. Located in Sheung Wan, the place can be a challenge to find, but once you crossed the threshold, you will be transported to someone’s home.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Salmorejo de Cordoba (cold tomato soup)

The interior was cozy, comfortably sitting up to 12 pax, and you get to play songs from your iPhone. The dashing chef-at-the-helm Juan Martinez was quick to welcome us with several glasses of sangria to kickstart our evening the Spanish way.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Empanada de frito from Cartagena

The kitchen was tiny, armed with only an induction cooker and small oven, but you’ll be utterly amazed by the kind of food Juan can churn out. Over a period of some four hours, we sampled some of his master creations; from the tender, not-too-heavy papada de cerdo al vino tinto (pork jowl slow cooked with Rioja wine) to the heavenly fresas flameadas con pimienta with ice cream as dessert.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Chef Juan Martinez of Eclectic

A word of the dessert; it was cooked last and certainly was the highlight of the evening. From the kitchen wafted the aromatic smell of roasting almonds and melting butter, onto which chunks of strawberries were cooked with generous dashes of sugar. And, for a total contrast in taste – surprise of surprise (at least to me) – Juan added sprinkle of crushed pepper on top of strawberries, and served the whole ensemble with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Fresas flameadas con pimienta with ice cream.

The end result; pure dessert heaven, light enough to end a long meal yet just nice without making you committing the dietary sin of second desserts helping. At least not at that time of the night.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Manchego semicurado cheese.

Two different wine were served that night, and I particularly liked the red wine from Madrid, the Jesus Diaz. Lightly flavoured and unbelievably smooth, it was definitely easy to drink and way too dangerous for a Tuesday night. At $155 per bottle, this was a definite steal.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Selection of wine at Eclectic.

In fact, the entire menu was very reasonably priced. With seven courses at $400 per pax (min. of 10 guests), it was definitely one of the better private kitchens I had experienced and one I would not hesitate to recommend to new and returning visitors to Hong Kong.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Verdict? Eclectic holds a lot of promise for the Spanish food lover, and chef Juan has that personal touch which will win over many. The stuffed pepper was a work of genius.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen
Room 603, 6/F, Cheung’s Building
1 – 3 Wing Wo Street
Sheung Wan
9158 1584
Website | Facebook

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