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The One With Pattaya Your Thai Restaurant – Delightful Raw Prawns

When you think of Thai food, what comes across your mind? Tom yum goong, phad thai, papaya salad, seafood curry… there is something almost magical the way Thai food seems to enthrall tourists and locals alike. When I return home from holidays in Thailand, I always seem to be nursing an endless craving for Thai food. Well, if you can’t have the real land of a thousand smile, you can always get its food.

Pattaya Your Thai Restaurant

Thai food in Hong Kong is plentiful and varied, from the authentic to the localised, from the superb to the disappointing, along every point of the price scale. When one think of Thai food in Hong Kong, you’ll be excused to think of the usual suspects in Kowloon City, arguably the most Thai-influenced area in Hong Kong.

So when this Groupon deal came along, I was surprised. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised to discover that, yes, there are plenty of Thai restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui too. And at that price – $148 for unlimited Thai BBQ for two – it was hard not to click that “Buy Now!” button.

So I did. Pattaya Your Thai Restaurant was an adventure to get too. First of all, they changed its name. And then we were informed that they changed their location, too. Google Map was a little useless, and the drizzling rain that afternoon we went didn’t help our grumpiness.

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