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In writing up my blog posts on my trip to Greenland, I realised I dig through my travel knickknacks and compile a useful lists of tour agencies, restaurants, hotels, accommodations, and tourist attractions in Nuuk. While I can’t vouch all these information will be accurate when you read this, but I hope this will serve as a starting point for you research into useful travel information on the beautiful Ilulissat.

Tour Agencies

During our stay in Greenland, we didn’t get to use any of the service of tour agencies here. There was just not enough tourists to make up the minimum number required for the cruises and tours. Nevertheless we had a very pleasant dealing with the tour agencies in Nuuk, and I thought these information will be useful to you here.

Touring Greenland

Located where the previous Greenland tourism office is (below Nipisa Restaurant, see “Eating Out”), Touring Greenland offers many different type of activities, as well as the usual tourist trinkets. During my visit I was delighted to be attended by a very friendly Filipino lady (I didn’t get the name!) whom went to great length to check for me the opening time of Nipisa. She also offered for me to use her house’s Internet connection after hearing my lament on the lack of Internet in Greenland (to which I politely refuse; it won’t be nice for me to say yes!). The office also operates the Santa Claus Post Office (see “Exploring Around”)

Tupilak Travel
Postbox 2291 – 3900 Nuuk
Tel: +299 31 32 18

This agency was courteous, friendly and helpful eventhough we didn’t manage to go on any tour with them in the end. It’s located at the town centre and they are great and pointing out directions to wherever you want to go.

Eating Out & Restaurants

Charoen Porn
Aqqusinersuaq 5, 3900 Nuuk
Tel: +299 34 80 60

Charoen Porn at Nuuk, Greenland

Thai food in Greenland! Who would have guessed! And that’s exactly what I did, a Thai dinner in Greenland, as recommended by many guidebooks. I made my reservation by email, so it was quite a breeze. Finding the place can be quite a challenge, so look out for the blue-colored building. The doors were closed to keep the wind out, but inside they are open for business. The food was reasonable all things considered, though I did have the best Greenlandic sushi and sashimi here (think whale meat). The service was by an authentically Thai crew; one of them worked in Hong Kong for a spell and was delighted to be able to speak Cantonese to me. You should also try the Greenlandic coffee, seems quite gimmicky to me but when in Nuuk… Obviously this place is very popular with the regulars as well.

Nipisa Restaurant
Hans Egedesvej 29, 3900 Nuuk

Day 2 at Nuuk, Greenland

This restaurant was greatly recommended by many websites and guides, but alas it was closed during the entire duration I was there in Nuuk. Emails and calls to Nipisa went unanswered. Even the locals were clueless on when they are open for business. I was told Nipisa is the place to be eat and be seen for the upper class of Greenland folks. The food is supposed to be extraordinary, but alas. I hope you have better luck than me. Nipisa Restaurant is located above the old Greenland tourism office (now Touring Greenland, see “Tour Agencies”)

Katuag Cultural Centre Cafe
Imaneq 21, Postboks 1622, 3900 Nuuk
Tel: +299 36 37 70

Katuag Cultural Centre Cafe

A recommendation by one of the locals, and the food was so good that I returned three times. The menu covers everything you would expect from a cafe, but go for the Greenlandic stuff. The tapas was especially divine. There’s also Internet service available here, though you have to pay and use by the hour. Be mindful that it only opens at 11 a.m. though.

A Hereford Beefstow (part of Hotel Hans Egede)
Tel. +299 32 42 22

A Hereford Beefstow at Hotel Hans Egede (Nuuk, Greenland)

This seems to be a very classy steakhouse, complete with impeccable service and the ambiance to match. Alas the food left much to be desired, and the impressive looking salad bar is actually the best feature of the place. That’s saying something. It didn’t feel very Greenland-like. I would say visit A Hereford Beefstow only if you like the comfort of a posh restaurant.

Exploring Around & Attractions

Nuuk as a town can be equally charming and depressing at the same time. At some parts it retains the whimsical quality of a fairy tale town, yet modernisation has clawed its way into Nuuk in form of abandoned constructions and ugly buildings. That said, Nuuk is best explored on feet, as the whole town is easy to explore in just one day.

Greenland National Museum
Nunatta Katersugaasivia, Hans Egedesvej 8
Box 145, 3900 Nuuk
Tel: +299 322 611

Day 2 at Nuuk, Greenland

The museum is a collection of a few buildings where you can really learn and appreciate the history of Greenland. It wasn’t a pretty experience, one that makes you feel a little outraged of what happened in Greenland in the past. It also made me understand why the culture and history of Greenland is so fragile and is losing more and more as the country progresses… for its own survival. A definite visit if you are in Nuuk.

Santa Claus Post Office

Santa Clause Post Office at Nuuk, Greenland

Located at the same premise as Touring Greenland (see “Tour Agencies”), I was charmed by the little set up. For EUR 7, I bought myself a postcard which was sent to me nearer to Christmas. It is a rather nice experience; you will also get to see how many other tourists who did the same as you.

Staying In & Hotels

Hotel Nordbo
Vandsøvej 13, 3900 Nuuk
Tel: +299 326644

Day 1 at Nuuk, Greenland

While this is actually a hotel, we didn’t rent a room from them (the main building is on the other side of Nuuk, quite far out, somewhat like a large backpacker’s hostel). Instead, we rented what I could be described as a lodge, which is a standalone building facing the sea. There are two apartments within the same lodge. I loved the apartment, it is so refreshing to wake up to the sight of district icebergs in the sea. The amenities are all very decent, it felt like home away from home. The lodge is located some fifteen minutes by walking from the city centre, but on the way you will pass by some of the most scenic of Nuuk. I would recommend this.

Hotel Hans Egede
Tel. +299 32 42 22

Day 1 at Nuuk, Greenland

This is the largest hotel in town, located right in the city centre. I visited it for dinner (see Eating Out). The whole set up is like a very efficient hotel, with proper reception, lounge area, and at least two restaurants. A complete set up for tourist without that home-touch like Nordbo. It is located next to a supermarket, so it’s very convenient.

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