The One With Olympic Days in London

Razlan at the Olympics

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone for me to say that the highlight of my stay in London must have been the Olympics. The entire city was wrapped in the euphoria for the games. Team GB spirit was spotted everywhere, from volunteers on the streets to generous support offered to all participants of the games.

I got into bit of the action with the semi finals volleyball games between Italy and Brazil. It was a great, great experience. The Brazilian fans were out in drove sporting green and yellow gear, adding much festive spirit to the occasion. The game itself was a nail biting experience – what the Italians lacked off in games prowess, they match it up with good looks and great style.

I am only saying.

Of course I also put in some time doing sight seeing around this fabulous city. From Tower Bridge to Borough Market to Tate Modern to Temple Church, I have done it all. The weather was great by London standard – I was repeatedly told for being so, so lucky – and it certainly lifted my spirit.

Oh yes, and Tom Daley? Absolutely adorable. I cheered with the rest of Britain when he clinched the bronze medal in the 10 metres men’s diving.

Now excuse me while I catch some sleep before my flight tomorrow. I can’t believe that in less than 24 hours time, I will be in Greenland!

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